The Ticats Logo

Vote early, vote often.

I still like the old logo better.

I have tried to get used to the new one, but haven't yet.

FYI - the team still uses the old logo.

I prefer Option 3: Forget it, they ain't gonna change.

Are you saying that management won't change their logo preference, or are you saying the team's play on the field will not change, regardless of logo?

logo preference.

the logo needs mroe black lees gold, dotn ever bring back the gold pants, gold pants are only made for green uniforms like eskimos and packers.

Everything OLD is NEW again!

We had this discussion last year when the new logo was introduced. We had it ad infinitum and ad nauseum.
Nothing was solved then, and nothing will be solved now. It’s here to stay. I like the old one, but that’s yesterday’s fight. Same thing with the white pants. Talk all you like, but get used to change. It’s not the most important thing we could be concerned about.

New Logo + New Uniform = Crappy Teams

Old Logo + Old Uniforms = Dynasties of yesteryear

The gameday experience is much better now that we have the new screen, NO Teen Tour Band and a new announcer. Opps 2 out of 3 'aint bad.

True, but this poll is slightly different because it asks if you have gotten used to the new logo yet.

no, it doesn’t.

could be worse, but it'd have to be really bad for the team to change back (ie NYI 'old man of the sea" logo)

The new logo isn't going anywhere so I don't know why we keep having this discussion.

Well, if Islander fans had stopped raising the issue, would they have gotten their old logo back?

Interesting...was at the game with a buddy a few weeks ago and after we won, they were selling hats at the exit for $10 each...he chose the one with the old logo...said it reminded him of when the Tiger Cats were winners!

I vote bring back the old logo...'cause I got lot's of shirts and hats too!

Call it "vintage" not "old" and please bring back the traditional Tiger-Cat and the traditional team uniforms.
By the way, the Boston Bruins have canned their Third yellow jerseys and will wear Bobby Orr-era "vintage" uniforms against all original 6 teams this year. The new Bruins management recognized an error and corrected it.

I vote for the logo that they will be wearing on Labour Day.

The Bassman 8)

Is that it? ^

That’s it.

That logo is fine for a 3rd jersey I suppose, but not for every game.

well no one will listen to a bucnh of guys who live in tehri moms basement and are 40