This is the beginning of a… new era… HAMILTON won against… the ARGOS… McMANUS was the MVP of… the game… the greatest DEFENCE… won !!! :smiley: :smiley:

WHO own the streak now???.. WHO??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Great game Cats!!!! Congratulations on beating the AAARRRGGGOOOSSS.

It will not last is really hard to beat the same team back to many times has that happened in the CFL, not many....................and at least the ARGOS are still in first and play HAMILTON again..............3 and want to lose another bet? :lol:

I'll tell you the next time a team is gonna lose both games, next week at Commonwealth.

...and then the eskies will lose to my lions? :smiley:

No doubt a Hamilton / Saskatchewan Grey Cup this year. :lol:


TIGER... CATS!!!!!

Yes kanga congrats to the tabbies, And I thought are Bombers blew an easy two point's last week....Tabbies are for real, they will win more games before the year is done, just might help the Big Blue's cause..

Congrats Cats and Esks, 2 very entertaining games today right down to the wire. The CFL couldnt have scripted it much better.

very true , and good for the whole CFL.

Way to go us!!!! We don't have the best record in the world, but those 2 wins look better zero. I didn't see the game, but McManus must be playing well again! How many games do you need for an official "winning streak"? Go Cats Go!!!!

If it's more than one, it's a streak in my book! :smiley: Good game, Cats. Glad we're already done playing you this year!

Ti-Cats and Eskies in the Western Semi-Final. What are the odds?

Then the Ti-Cats beat the Eskimos and go on to beat the Leos in the Western Final to represent the West in the Grey Cup aginst the Argos. Can you say DREAM!!! That would be friggin unreal, but I can tell you I would sure be cheering for them. ( I have 6 Grey Cup tickets. ) A Cat of a different colour shall we say. Now what are those ODDS?

Err… nope. No bet. Can’t afford to cheer for the Argos twice in one season. I wanted to poke some fun at you, but I will just shut up, now. :wink:

ti-cats looked like a TOTALLY DIFFERENT team out there much intensity....if only they had played that way earlier in the season....every team that HAD hamilton circled on thier calender as a easy 2 points better re-think that one now!!!!!!

i wonder how much this has to do with Cheetwood being back with the ti-cats?

Hamilton always had a better team than their record shows.It was just that they couldn't catch the ball early on. :wink:

good idea. :lol:

Congrats on the win ti-cats.The better team won.No excuses like Dentor and his riders.
You have beaten us,unlike those riders.
I don't mind losing to you guys.I have alot of respect for you.You are better than 2 and 7.Hats off to you.

I don't think it is any coincidence that with Lancaster no longer GM, the team is performing better. And signing Flick to a 2 year deal, well, it shows that the TiCats will sign players for more than one year.
Excellent stuff, excellent game, also Cheatwood back really helps, with him and Cotton on the other side, a very talented duo.