The Ticats are Hummin !!!

I think this song is more relevant now, than when it came out. It definately fits the mood of the Ticats and the fans! Oskee Wee Wee !

Great song. Was listening to it the other day.


Yes, I’m a fan of the Arkells, great band.

I agree, great song. Makes me jealous though haha

Sheepdogs vs. Arkells game bet. Loser wears the winner's jersey on stage for a show.

did you do that pic JFL? well done if you did.

what happened to the poster on here that did TiCats rap songs (i think its rap)

he is very talented.

No, that was tweeted by both bands.

I had to bump this thread because it brings good vibes and I can't get this song out of my head lately !!! I'm getting pumped for the game. 2 more days !

Makes me miss the IWS..big time.

I find myself playing this song just about once an hour.

Still say when JJ crushed Buck the crowd was the loudest I ever heard them. Place went nuts.

What about when Ozzy kicked the game winning, last second field goal against Montreal in the 98 Eastern final. That could have possibly been the loudest moment at IWS !

Unfortunately I wasn't there. Or even a cats fan for that matter.. I had my head up my butt thinking the NFL was the end all be all. I'm better now :thup:

I was there in "98" believe me,that was the loudest moment by far in IWS history!!!!!

GO CATS GO!!!!!GREY CUP CHAMPS 2013 :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I was there too, and I would agree… what an emotional roller coaster that game was!!

I wish I was there, I've been to some big games but unfortunately didn't get to see that one. I posted that you tube clip with the last 8 minutes of the 98 game. It gave me goose bumps, the atmosphere at IWS was electric.

I used to think Bernie Ruoff was the best kicker for the Ticats until Ozzy came along and that kick solidified his legendary status.

The fans on this site, should watch the whole clip to get a good idea on how it felt back then.


I forgot that Climie played for the Alouettes in that game. No wonder why he has such a big hate on for the Cats !!

Have a look at a dejected Jock Climie in that video :lol:

No wonder he hates us so much!!!!


It was great reliving that moment... gave me goosebumps...again!!

I was there in 1998 and last Sunday in Toronto. I would say the crowd in '98 was louder, but then that game was at Ivor Wynne. The final, last weekend, was equally impressive because it was in the blue team’s backyard, with their team holding a lot of advantages. Yet, we made it like a home game for our team.

That is the difference for me.

Yes, bumping this once again !! Bringing the good vibes of this song and memories of Ozzy's game winning kick against the Allouettes. Bring back the Cup Cats!!! Wooohoooo!!!!

I love this. my four year old daughter does too.
Been calling our buddies hotel rooms here in Regina and putting the receiver to my iPad and just let play. they hate me.

And I agree with 98 Ozzy kick -most exciting play in my lifetime far!