The Ticats Are Hummin

The Arkells are a perfect choice to represent the Tiger Cats. They represent Hamilton in many ways, and represent the younger demographic the team is trying to reach.

As for the Arkells not being sports fans, they are massive sports fan in general. Over the course of the past 4 years, I have sat with the band at the stadium in close proximity. Also the band enjoys baseball, etc. In their blog they post sport related information on a regular basis. They just celebrated with the Stanley Cup...

I also agree maybe the team could get a local hip-hop artist that represents what true hip-hop is, that can reach out to the younger crowd and be a positive impact with their music. Have different genres of local music representing the team will (should) please everyone....

Great band jackson square is one of my fav albumsn my name on here is adter an arkells song and the fact the cats pay in th heart of the city. The arkells are super talented. They play a set of mo town clasics.

Nah, my son is a big fan of the band. (BTW, I don't get how wearing Ti-Cat gear gets you recognized)

He knows what they look like even when they're not wearing Ti-Cats gear. He's seen them before hanging out in Hamilton ( not wearing Ti-Cats gear) He went a few weeks ago to see them at the Osheaga music festival in Montreal and even got tickets to one of their after parties.

Blogskee: What does "ignorance" have to do with a personal opinion about music? You then go on to say you don't care for the Arkells' music. How is your opinion not also, by your definition, ignorant?

For the record, with a few rare exceptions, I too am relieved to see the end of the rap fad.

When I first saw the title of this thread I assumed it was started by someone as optimistic about tomorrow's game in Montreal as I am.

We have not won in Molson stadium in a while now, we are due. And I think the team is properly motivated to prove something to themselves, thanks to the disappointing outcomes of the last two games. Now if only we can hang onto the football...

Won the Eastern Semi Final last year in Montreal. Thought that was noteworthy.

It was a great game and great Ticat victory. But that was in Olympic Stadium. We have to play in Molson Stadium tomorrow.

Very true. Point well taken. We've had our difficulties in Stadia Percival. Let's hope that the monkey we got off our backs last year on the island continues this year on the mainland. (And before anyone says, I realize that MTL proper is an actual island!)

More importantly, yet im sure off topic ... Let's hope Hamilton replicates Montreal's ball park in a downtown setting with their new facility. Montreal's is beautiful.

this song is awesome!

The Arkells stayed true to their style and represent the city of Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats perfectly!

^^^ Yeah, I was a little surprised, pleasantly, that I liked the whole song a whole lot better than the tease that was given. The little tease was ok, but the song in its entirety is quite good.

Well done.

Arkells have officially released 'Ticats are Hummin.'

You can hear the song here: ... are-hummin

and download the song via iTunes (with all proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton) here: ... d551859222

Arkells strike a chord for the Ticats

[url=] ... the-ticats[/url]
It also cements a long-standing relationship between the Arkells and football in Hamilton. In 2008, the band performed during the Vanier Cup halftime show at Ivor Wynne Stadium. In 2011 they showed up to kick off Grey Cup ceremonies dressed in Ticats wear that included black and yellow buttons emblazoned with the words “Argos Suck.? This connection is what led the Ticats to approach the band in spring 2012 about writing a song specifically for the team.

Well said Mike except the hip-hop thing. All music has it's place.

You can listen to the song on the Arkell's site here and if you search for Ticats are hummin instead of the Arkells on iTunes, it comes right up.

And proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club of Hamilton which is an awesome part of our community.

Win. Win. Win.

If your ears, like mine, can't quite catch every word:

The Ticats Are Hummin' Lyrics:

Hopped off the bus
We were singing a song
I heard for 10 bucks
you can park on the lawn

There's a man on the corner:
"who's buying who's selling?"
long as they're legit
the cops aren't telling

I wanna be under the lights
swept away on summer nights
If you give me your heart, if you give me it all,
I promise I'll stick around for the fall

From the barber shop to the corner store
It's like the whole city's buzzing.
I came last week and the week before,
Feels like the Ticats are hummin'!

The Ticats are hummin'!

Saw some old friends
From down in T.O.
But ol' Queen Lizzy
Will take them back home

They look so sad
at the end of the night
blown out like Pink Floyd
Back in '75.

I wanna be under the lights
Swept away on summer nights
Around here folks like to say:
Christmas might as well come on labour day

From the barber shop to the corner store
It's like the whole city's buzzing.
I came last week and the week before
Feels like the Ticats are hummin'.

I was down 10 bucks
I was takin a beating
But I'll double up
I got good a feeling

Next round's on me
If we cover the spread
Next round's on me
I'll be out of the red!

I want to be under the lights
Swept away, hot summer nights
If you give me your heart, if you give me it all
I promise I'll stick around for the fall.

I like that idea.

10 seasons = overdue

A win there tonight would be a first for Caretaker.

Thanks for posting the lyrics. My favorite verse. Very true. That's all any fan wants. Especially in the CFL where you have guys in some cases whose hearts long for their shot in the NFL. All I would ask of these players is that while you are here, take time to soak it all in and enjoy it for what it is. Maybe it's different, maybe it's on a smaller scale, maybe the money isn't anywhere near that of the NFL but it's real and it's pure and the fans are awesome.

I encourage dreaming. Dream big and if the NFL is your thing than I hope your dreams come true. It's a great game too. I am a fan. (not as good as the CFL though. :wink: ), but when we play because we love 'it' whatever form you get to play that with which you love, you forget about money or fame or even the chance to play in your own country or in your own hometown even. You remember simply how much you love the game and how lucky you are to play it professionally anywhere.

Look at our idols. Covington's, Montford's McManus's, Winfield's and Fluties, and, and. All American's who thrived, were loved, and who continue to be loved long after their time in Hamilton or in the CFL has come. Their names hang on walls in our stadiums and their busts in our Hall of Fame.

Be here. Have fun. Give us your heart, and we'll give you ours.

It's okay to dream big but perhaps there are many other American's who either haven't made or are not starting in the NFL, that could be stars and have a lot of fun and cherished always, for their contributions to the cities who love and await this great game to return or be born for the first time in their communities.

Artists like the Arekell's selling this game and especially our Cats ... these are the not so little things that can help us grow and strengthen this wonderful game.

It's something we can never lose. Never. It's our game. One I hope we can all slowly sell so many other Canadians who haven't realized this yet, how lucky we are in today's marketplace to still have something so deep in tradition, and something that has remained true to being the Canadian game that it is. Big balls, wide and long fields, 3 strikes and your out, cold in the fall months and much more intimate than it's American counterparts. It's different and that's what makes it beautiful.

This is some great news at the perfect time. A time when we are struggling in so many ways on and off the field, and needed a good boost of alright. Let''s get our game on. We all go in funks so let's shake it off and start hummin' again.

Osskee frickin' wee wee. Let's kick the ghots of Molson Stadium in the arse tonight.

I want to be under the lights
Swept away, hot summer nights
If you give me your heart, if you give me it all
I promise I'll stick around for the fall.

And a quote from my favorite football video, "You can't be unemotional. Football's an emotional game."

Thanks for posting the lyrics, ottawacat. Love this passage:


My favourite part.

Love the song. Let's play it a lot at the rest of our Home games.