The Ticats Are Hummin

are we now bees...? just just wondering.. loooool these guys probably dont know a thing about foobtall.. poor choice of band.. just because there from Hamilton please.... there are 100 way better talents out there from Hamilton who could write a real football song. :cowboy:

I agree......where's Stompin Tom? I bet he could do justice to a football song.

I listened to the short sample clip and watched the entire video.

I like the tune and the catchy delivery

And I also like in general what all the younger folks are doing in the world of music the last 3-5 years. It's " actual music once again instead of that negative hip-hop, rap nonsense.

Good on the Arkells for taking this project on. It looks like they had fun creating it. :slight_smile:

Perhaps next time you could leave you ignorance at the door. Just because you don't think hip hop is "actual music" (and what the heck does that mean, anyway), doesn't mean it doesn't have merit. There are plenty of hip-hop artists making intelligent and positive music, and have been for years, so calling it negative nonsense just shows complete ignorance. There is no more bad hip hop than there is bad any other form of music.

As far as the Arkells are concerned, I'm not a fan of their style of music, but lots of people are and I see no problem with two Hamilton brands coming together to promote one another. Should happen more often. I always thought a Hamilton-based hip-hop artist should have recorded a Tiger-Cat version of "Black & Yellow" a couple of years ago. Sadly, that song's life span has come and gone.

My son bumped into a couple of the band members on the weekend, and the lead singer was wearing a Ti-Cat shirt. They were not performing, just hanging out anonymously in a bar in Hamilton.

... poor choice of band..
Why are they a poor choice? I think they're terrific. Juno winners, New group of the year.

They were great when they opened the Grey Cup all decked out in Ti-Cat gear too. IIRC, they even had an "Argos Suck" button during the performance.

Frankly, IMO, there couldn't have been a better choice. Not only are they a terrific band, and big Hamilton backers, they appeal to the perfect young demographic that this team needs to appeal to.

Great choice and all grounds!

They are Ti-Cat fans and they represent this city everywhere they go with great pride.

Well done Arkells!

Well done Ti-Cats!

Almost forgot. The Arkells won their 2nd Juno this year, beating out Nickelback and Sam Roberts for band of the year.

These guys are the real deal.

Well said Captain and others who see the Arkells as a heck of a choice here. :thup:

Yep. If you watch the “making of” video here, you can see them pretty much as you say.

They’re pretty busy touring, but they’ve been to TiCat games as well. I’ve been wondering how long it would be before the band and the team would do something together, and glad they finally did.

Nice find, thanks!

Great video! Fun stuff!

(All i could find was a crappy, hand held, herky, jerky amateur video on you tube.)

Are you talking about the Stompin' Tom who had his heyday long ago and who's written songs about dozens of places in Canada, from the big cities to all sorts of Podunk little towns, but never once, to the best of my knowledge, mentioned any part of the current city Hamilton in any of his songs (certainly, there are no obvious references in any of the popular songs)? Yes, let's get him instead of the band that's hot right now, was formed in Hamilton, named itself and at least one of its albums after places in Hamilton, and still calls Hamilton home.

Stompin' Tim did write a football song called Football Song. Not sure if he did justice to it.

...and on their latest album mentions Hamilton (Book Club), the escarpment (Bloodlines) and McMaster's Brandon Hall residence (Where U Goin).

This song is too sappy for the Cats. This is football. An aggressive sport and we have a team with an aggressive name and logo. Therefore the song should be a more adrenalin inducing hard rock or metal anthem. Something that will pump up the fans and the players. Instead we have this lame Arkell's song which will serve as stadium background noise. :thdn:

If they actually paid for this then the Cats would have been better off spending the money on some defensive ends.

He did, about 20 years ago:

Oops! Sorry to repeat. Didn't see PiCat's posting of the Stompin' Tom link.

Release of the song this Thursday is unfortunate timing, considering it's theme and the team's performance since the bye. I think the club and band should have agreed to put it off until they really are Hummin'.

Geez....chill I was kidding. I realize I didn't use a little smiley face to get that notion across but I figured it was self evident.

Before the Punctuation Police hit the siren, please read "it's" as its. :oops:

At least it "original" nothing worse than taking another team's song and changing the words!!
Are you listening Saskatchewan? They took Chelsea FC's song and changed the words of Blue is the Colour to Green is the Colour. Not only was that insulting but not very good either, if I was Chelsea FC I would sue the Riders.
I worked in the UK and I remember that Chelsea released the song before their FA Cup appearance. I really couldn't believe it a few years later when I heard Saskatchewan pretending that it was their song.

So I'm all for original songs and chants, something that sets a team apart from others.

I can’t wait to hear it in full. I’m sure it’ll be better than the “Black and Yellow” song that gets played at games.

My son bumped into a couple of the band members on the weekend, and the lead singer was wearing a Ti-Cat shirt. They were not performing, just hanging out anonymously in a bar in Hamilton.

...wearing a piece of clothing makes you a fan? everyone from hamilton wears ticats stuff. and they just did a sng for the team of course there gunna rok free gear. plus they prolly wore it so people would reconize them as your son did.. lol