The Ticats are Broken

He’s not a rookie QB. This is year three for him. First start doesn’t mean rookie.

Semantics. The drop off from Harris was huge and their D had to win the game.

Ours would have given up 40 and fans would blame the QB


It’s not senantics. Football has a clear definition for what a rookie is.

HA, don’t fret. We would have complained anyways as the rookie QB passed for under 200 yards.

Patterson didn’t impress me, Sask defense played well.

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No, Sasks inexperienced QB did not single-handedly take the team onto his back and orchestrate a win on his own.

Instead he was competent enough to manage the game and not give it away. He also had a stellar supporting cast, especially on defence that rose to the occasion. Sask won as a team. Something the Cats haven’t pulled off in a long time.


Yeah well just keep going on with a losing team and Cup drought, its not like anyone at the top notices

It was advertised as his 1st CFL start, so I didn’t really bother to look up how many games he held an I-Pad on the sidelines. He also played a bit in the USFL but reading CFL defences is a whole different thing.

Technically not a raw rookie but with ZERO CFL game experience, he might as well have been one.


I say we just say that he is a player who has been around a few years but this was his first game with any significant playing time and leave it at that .


It’s always a team effort. You win or lose as a team.

Unless, you’re Tim White, of course. :roll_eyes:
I’ve been taught that, here, for going on three years.


Keep in mind last year soon as we lost to Edmonton, Tommy Condell got fired we payed BC the following week and won 30-13… This year 0-4, Paul Bordeau got fired and here we are again playing BC… does history repeat itself.

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I’m just waiting for the Arkells to release a song with this thread’s title…


Should be noted that HSG, voluntarily, decided to give Ed Hervey more power.


YIKES !!! This post most definitely did not age very well . :scream_cat:

I think it’s time to acknowledge Scott Mitchell as owner, he owns a share and is on the BOG, basically filling the role Young did for years. This is all his baby.


What’s here, year after year after year? Bob. And Scott Mitchell. 20 years of losing and worse. Getting to GC a few times and losing them all. BOB. He fancies himself The Caretaker but he’s nothing but a figurehead.

It’s all, really, been his baby since long before he became a part of the ownership group.


Ti-Cats are broken. We took a backup guard in a deep Oline class, first round. We should’ve taken Catin-Arkou to shore up the middle or weakside linebacker spot.

Owen Hubert, a McMaster boy taken in the 8th round is becoming a nice rotational DE for the Bomber’s. I do think Brubacher will become a good DE for us

#12 is not earning his paycheck

The Dline needs a bigger body at NT.

The secondary plays way too soft in their zone.

Special is a disaster, ouside of the kicker and punter.