The Ticats and the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft

Dave Stala was a late round pick and he turned out okay :smiley:

sixth round (50th overall)

chris101 wrote:

We should consider drafting Jimmy Allen out of Queens, he is a very impressive returner.
Jimmy Allin was eligible for the 2009 CFL Draft but was undrafted. Unless he is on the negotiation list of one of the CFL teams, he is a free agent.

Zatilny was a good kick returner and reciever!

How about selecting V.C_ MVP Branagan,with one of the late round draft picks?

No it’s not. No reduction is reasonable.

Forget the reduction period.
Doc 8)

I think we need a Reduction in the number of Canadians. Just not enough Canadian talent out there. Lets see more Cobbs, Prechaes, Knowoltons etc
What's going to happen when Ottawa comes back? they have to come up with 17 or so Canadians!! Not good, lets stop this nonsense of guaranteeing Canadian jobs - compete one on one.

Mike Hogan has said numerous times that he feels Jimmy Allen should get a serious look from a CFL team on returns. An area the Cats need improvement on. After watching Queens a lot this year I am glad to hear reportedly that Obie has one of their receivers (Scott Valberg) on the neg list.

Count me on the side of leaving the radio as is. The quality of the CIS football player is getting better every year thanks to programs like Laval who are raising the bar and there seems to be more Canadians playing in the NCAA every year. If teams like Toronto hire a coaching staff that have little CFL experience and admit that they don't understand the ratio (Andrus) it is to their peril and shouldn't justify a reduction in Canadian starters. I enjoyed watching all good CFL players but especially the up and coming Canadians like Barker, Emery, Bagg, etc.

The Cats have had high draft picks for years and last year the team did exceptionally well getting Carlson, Carter, Morencie, Ryan Hinds, Bill McGrath and by the sounds of it, Valberg. I wouldn't fret if the team doesn't acquire more picks for the 2010 draft, just scout well and you can pick up some gems in the later rounds but don't make it a habit year after year of giving up draft picks or the cupboard of Canadian talent will become bare in time.

Well said Fumleroski! Rob Bagg wasn't drafted but the Riders saw his potential. Valberg has great hands like Bagg but not Bagg's speed. Let's not mess with the ratio. If it isn't broken, don't fix it! I'd rather watch more kids from Mac than players from "Podunk State". :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old Canadian guy in section 7)

Without any high drafts picks my strategy would be to select a few local kids in the traditional non-import positions.

Just bringing up the topic of Jimmy Allen again. A difference between being looked at last year and this year can be the amount of eposure that he received due to his return ability. This year - i believe during week one - he broke the record for returns for TDs and then being appart of the Queens Vanier Cup victory. I would not think that this would be overlooked even though he is 5-11 175. If this does happen, he may be a good steal in the lower rounds, or if he does get into free agency, might be another Diamond in the rough.

As for the idea of lowering the amount of canadians to be on a team and start, i do not think either is reasonable to because this is the CANADIAN Football Lauge not the American Football Leauge. SO therefore, we should be focusing on Canadian tallent, and instead of complaining about some of the problems in CIS football, be more proactive with that situation and set up supports to encourage getting proper facilities, good strength and conditioning programs at schools and stuff. By doing this not only will the CIS become a more competative league for football (and almost all other sports) BUT IT WILL CREATE BETTER CANADIAN tallent for the CFL, and for multiple other sports.

I know as a first year football player in the CIS, I currently do hold that dream of being drafted and playing for any team, and winning a Grey Cup (It would be even better if it was with Hamilton) and by decreasing the amount of Canadians that are to be on the team, might possibly kill my dream, not to mention the dreams of many other current, and future football players.

Just wanted to correct some guesswork made in my original post back in November, 2009 about the Ticats' draft selections in 2010.

Firstly, the Ticats traded their second round choice in the 2009 Draft, not the 2010 Draft, to the Riders in the Dan Goodspeed trade last year and received their fifth round pick in the 2009 Draft.

Secondly, the forfeiture of the Ticats' first round pick in 2010 for having chosen Zac Carlson in the 2009 Supplemental Draft apparently has no effect on the numbering of the remaining picks in the draft.

And thirdly, the team apparently sent its sixth round choice to Toronto in a trade, the details of which I have not been able to find.

Therefore, the Ticats actually have the following choices in the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft:
2nd Round (13th overall)
4th Round (29th overall)
5th Round (37th overall)

So the Ticats might pick up a Canadian kicker or one of the good offensive or defensive linemen available with their second round choice in the draft without having to make a trade after all.

Here is a link to the full draft order for the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft as of Dec 9/09:

[url=] ... 9-rankings[/url]

And here is a link to the list of every player eligible for the 2010 CFL Canadian Draft as of Jan 25/10:

[url=] ... Jan_25.pdf[/url]

Fot the 2010 Draft Ticats should look at CB,DB, LB, and DL. . good pick,s IMO BERUBE, Maxime DB 6.00 195 _ Laval __ CHARLEAU, Bryan DB 6.02 214 Concordia __ DUNK, Adam LB 6.01 200 Guelph __ HEIGHWAY, Mitchell DL 6.06 292 McMaster __ SHAW, Grant DB 6.03 210 Saskatchewan __