The Ti-Cats and Bulldogs both play at home on October 17


The Bulldogs opening night is on October 17 against the Marlies, so there are potentially going to be large crowds at both THF and at Copps Coliseum / FirstUnion Centre on that evening.

This reminds me a little bit of the situation when the football Marauders play at home at the same time as the Tiger-Cats, but somehow I think the Bulldogs may have more of an overlap.

Is there anyone here who is foregoing one game in favour of the other, i.e. they would have ideally attended both?

I honestly was planning on hitting up the Bulldogs home opener until I discovered there was a Ti-Cat game that day.

For me there was no question which team was going to win out, even before I knew that Monster Truck was going to be the halftime show on the 17th.

As much as I like the Bulldogs, the reality is there are 9 Ti-Cat home games, with 1 vs the Argos and 3 including away games for 11 total. There are some 38 Bulldogs home games, with 5 vs the Marlies @home and 10 including away games.

Also the reality is THF is a new venue that consistently packs the place. First Ontario Centre, while they have performed some minor upgrades to the place (the LED ring for one, the somewhat improved merch for another), the place just doesn’t get the support it should.

I honestly don’t know why the Bulldogs opted the book their home opener the same night as the Ti-Cat game.

Bulldogs are the worst team in AHL history who would waste 1 second there

that's like having a concert at THF the same night the Cats are on TV. :roll:

But they do play in an arena that is located just one block from the hallowed James St. N. hipster area so that does count. :wink:

Hey, all the best to the Bulldogs this season to be honest, I've enjoyed the games I've gone to at Copps er FOP.

Tiger Cats>>>>>>>>>>>Bulldogs

nothing against the Dogs but its minor league.

What an ignorant comment.

The Bulldogs have been very competitive in their 18 years in the city. They've won the Calder cup. Made it to the Calder cup finals 3 times and made it to the conference finals 6 times. All this within 18 years. The league for the most part has had over 25 teams during that span. Being top 4 33% of the time is pretty damn good.

If the bulldogs are the worst team in the AHL given those stats, what does that make the Ticats who have won one grey cup in 28 years in an 8 team league.

Save your ignorant unsupported posts for somewhere else.

This is quite possibly the stupidest, most ignorant post I've read in a while, and likely from some ignorant Leaf fan, upset because the Leafs continue to mismanage their farm system and refuse to go after Canadian talent during drafts.

The Bulldogs have won a Calder Cup, far more then the Marlies, Ice Caps, or indeed most of the league can claim to have done. They have made it to the playoffs 12/18 seasons, meaning they make the playoffs 2/3rd of the time. They are also the 7th tenured franchise in the league and a big chunk of the Canadiens roster are all Ex-Bulldogs, including PK Subban, Carey Price, David Desharnais, Max Pacioretty, Thomas Plekanec, Brendan Gallagher and Dustin Tokarski.

Frankly, I hope one day the Bulldogs pack the First Ontario Centre, and Hamilton becomes the kings of the AHL, to the point where we make NHL teams jealous of our attendance, and that Montreal and Hamilton become the places you want to play. If only to also help support Hamilton's and Montreal's long standing tradition of embarrassing hogtown (not that it needs help).