The Thrill

IS BAAAACCCK!!!! no you are not dreaming. Kahlil Hill has been cut and is back in steeltown! i dont know bout you but boy am i excited. hopefully he'll be in returning kicks against the argos on labour day. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

saw him today and he was looking a little lame.
I hope it's not serious.

hill's an animal. man this guy is amazing, and will make the game on monday worth watching


Hill looked great in his brief stay here last season.

He jumps high to go after the ball, has speed and good moves.

A solid addition to the return game and receiving corps.

Welcome back Hill!

Stick around longer this time please.

Now things are starting to happen in Steeltown....We aren't dead yet!

Glad he's back, but one player won't save this team at this point; but a good start. Is there any reports about the length of his contract ? Or will he be looking south again in November ?

football is a team sport, and ultimately the team has to imrpove as a whole, but at least hill will compete. Also Hill will be useless if nobody gives him the ball, he will be just like flick , holmes , and ranek, unless he gets touches. You can gather all the WRs you want, but if nobody is giving them the ball, then they are worthless.



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Is that what you meant? Just trying to stay in touch with the language the kids are usin'

i dont think he signed anything hes just back for his option but i wope we can sign him before the end of the year or in the offseason

think he ment lookin banged up but not sure lol

well this 40yr old KID knows it as " crippled or physically disabled esp. in the foot or leg " as per Websters....

And his jokes were'nt that funny either. :slight_smile:

Wow, check out Hill's bio.

[url=] ... ros_id=924[/url]

I've never seen so many NFL training camps and practice roster stints on one man's resume. Hopefully he is finally at peace with the fact that he is more suited to the CFL, and chooses to make the Ticats his long-term team.

I'm glad he's back, but we need to get the ball to other guys too. Maas is not the man, the ball should be given to Richie Williams. See what the kid can do, and at the end of the year, we'll look for another QB. If Maas won't be playing long, I don't want him.

Was Using #5 at Practice today

I'm concerned about Geoffrey's observations. The last thing we need is a banged up quarterback trying to throw to a banged up receiver.

On the other hand, maybe the passes won't be under-thrown this way.