The Three Year Plan??????

Now that the three year plan is almost up since Bob Young took over this team what is the plan for the upcoming years ahead???

We gave the Marshall plan a try and that bumbed out about as bad as signing Jason Maas as our number one QB at $350,000.00 when he shoud be considered a back up at best.

It will be interesting in the off-season to see who we hire as a head coach and sign in new players because this team needs quality players bad in most positions along with an attitude built on team work and winning. I will alweays stand behind the Ti-Cats like most die hard Ti-Cat Fans, I would just like to see this team back on the winning track again. Believe me when I say I'm happy and thankful that Bob Young purchased this team, he has brought in great marketing and management now we just need a great team and we will be all set to play in the CFL.

I would like to say thanks to the players who have tried and who gave that 110% effort on the field this year and to those who didn't there will be life after football for you starting soon. Thanks D.J. Corey Holmes, Ranek, Rob Hitchcock, Mike Morreale look forward to seeing you guys next year. Best wishes to Pigskin Pete in his retirement, EAT EM RAW!!!!