The Thread to Post In If Others Don't Seem WorthThe Effort-

For all of us that are finding it hard to post about anything right now (due to depression, withdrawal sypmtoms,lack of actual Ti-Cat football, etc.) this is the thread to use to indicate that you are still alive.



My name is Crash, and I am a Ticat fan.

i really want to change my nickname-HELP

I am also a Ti-Cat fan. And I live in the only other CFL city that did not make the playoffs this year.

From a football point of view, life bites.

Woe is wondrously clinging: clouds glide by.

Dave says:
Hi everyone. My name is David, and I AM a TigerCat Fan.

Group responds:
Hi Dave, relax your among friends. We're here to help, but first you need to go through the 12 steps.
Step 1. New GM
Step 2. Keep the faith
Step 3. ?????

LMAO at this thread so far!

I am also a Ticat fan. Tried all those other self-flagellation programs, but being a Cat fan is the tops for me!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


M. de Sade,
Box J

Try pay per view if you're sick of the internet.


:D :D :D

Hey, keeps me on my toes! Finding the silver lining in a 3-15 season is a great way to fend off Seasonally Affected Disorder, even after an affected season like we've just had. :wink:

Gotta build my Obie shrine in the corner now...LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

My name is Ron and I admit

I am powerless over my addiction

to the Tiger Cats.

Wilf here..

Been a fan for more years than i like to remember. I've seen ups, downs, all kind of in-betweens.

The joy comes from simply being a fan, and living with whatever comes with the territory.

Aside from that, the best part of posting here is making new friends. That's important, and enjoyable.

Lumsden at SB/RB, running rough-shot and amuck around and over opposing D's, Printers flaring pin-point passes through the muggy summer air into the hands of a blistering fast reciever, Moreno sticking his shoulder pads and helmet so fast and hard into the running backs that it looks like a hungry wolf tearing down a fleating rabbit. No skill involved just Tiger-Cats dominating with ferocious talent!!! Can't wait for next year! ! !

Born and raised in good old Hamilton, an Als fan since the late 50s but the Cats are easily my #2 team. This year was rather frustrating for both my teams.

Silver linings? Lumsden for sure; Printers with a training camp under his belt; and my personal favourite new guy, Moreno.

Moreno takes me back to the old days of in your face, smash mouth defence that the Cats were renowned for.

Get some decent receivers; come up with a more imaginative offensive game plan to take advantage of Printers' talents; improve the secondary (by moving Tay Cody out of safety and back to HB where he belongs), re-sign JoJuan Armour and the Cats will make some noise next year!

Yawn…Next year can’t come fast enough.

Meanwhile, like most years recently, I’ll

partially appease my appetite for Ticat

football by watching CFL playoffs and NFL


PS: Lets remember our war dead tomorrow

and always.

His name is Jamie Boreham, and he is not my son.


You have to accentuate the positive,
Eliminate the negative,
Latch on to the affirmative --
Don't mess with Mr In-Between.

On that note, I generally bide my time in the off-season mulling over great seasons of yesteryear with football cards and books. Anyone read a good new CFL book lately? How's the new McManus book?

We'll have lots to rant about at the end of this month. New GM. And the coach??? We'll see.

I took my rage out on a very nice buck,anyone else.