The TERRY EVANSHEN story on T.V.

The life story of CFL great TERRY EVANSHEN , movie of the week.On CTV , Tuesday Night.

" The Man Who Lost Himself "

intreresting, good stuff for the league

Since I'm an American, I was unaware of the situation with Terry Evanshen and the problems he encountered due to an automobile accident. Could at one of the regulars on this site inform me about the particulars of Terry Evanshen, like who he played for, was he on a Grey Cup Champion, what exactly happened with the accident, how's he doing now, and any other information that would be informative about him. I'm sure his story WILL NOT be on television in the Philadelphia area where I live. Guys, thank you very much for your help, i do appreciate being educated when I don't know anything about this story.

I've actually never heard of this story either.

here is the link to his page

THANK YOU… ro1313 , great link!

It is a great story , but a sad one , sort of!

I just saw on the site that the US cable channel, Lifetime, will be showing this TV movie as well, but the same day as the GC?!? Someone on their brass must've got hold of a crack pipe to air this against the biggest CFL game of the year (if it is against it).

Thanks ro1313, I was unaware of this story having happened. Here in Philadelphia, we do get the cable channel LIfetime and since the movie will be shown from 9:00-11:00 PM on November 27, 2005, and the Grey Cup starts at 6:00 PM, it may be over by 9:00 PM, or I may just miss a few minutes of the beginning of the movie.
This is an amazing story, and it reminds me of the Brian Piccolo story, which happened in the late 1960"s. He contacted a disease, cancer I believe, and after fighting it for 2-3 years he died. The great Gayle Sayers was his closest friend, and he did everything for him and he wept openly when Brian Piccolo died.
I will watch the movie, and I will also be able to see the Grey Cup game, which will be the first game I've seen since the first weekend in September. Our cable system was showing one game a week on Sunday until the NFL season started, and after that just stopped with CFL games. I'm a lifelong NFL fan, but I really like the CFL too. This is my reason for not being more active with my posts and joining the game discussions, because how can I comment on something I didn't see

I am glad that the U.S. fans can see it.After the CUP of course.

It is on tonight , in CANADA!


Did you ever see the movie about Gale sayers and Brian Piccalo.
I cant remember the name but It stars Billy D. Williams and JAmes Caan.
Its worth watching if you never have.

The movie was called "Brian's Song."

They recently did a remake of it, although I can't remember who starred in the new one. It was filmed around here; Ticat running back (still with McMaster at the time) Kojo Aidoo "starred" as Sayers in the football action scenes.

I am going to have to tape this, as I'm gone tonight. This looks like a great movie and I will be sure to watch it.

Damnit! I missed it. Is there going to be a repeat on?

YES , in both CANADA [CTV : 9pm EST , NOV , 27th after , the GREY CUP]

And in...... the U.S. , on LIFE TIME : same date and EST time as CTV in Canada , after the GREY CUP!

doesn't the Grey Cup start at 9:00 eastren time?

I saw the same thing and if i’m not mistaken, down here in the states, it’s not going by the name “The man who lost himself” It’s going by something else…something with the word “stranger” im it I think.

I watched it lastnight and found it very interesting but it
could have been so much better.

They had none of his football experiences in the show, basically it
starts with him in hospital after the accident, it ends with him seeming to
make up with his wife, and resuming their relationship.

Doesnt mention anything about his life now, the tragic death of his oldest
daughter, or hows he's coping today.

Dont get me wrong, it was good, but could have been great.