The ten player taxi squads

We are closing in on the halfway point of the season and I haven't seen one team make use of these COVID insurance players, yet there has been the same amount of players brought in the league as any typical season.

Another poorly planned initiative? What is the point? Paying 90 players and not making any use of any of them?

Better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them I guess

But that is the equivalent of two full rosters paid to do nothing in a league that claims it bleed money.

Understood but I am sure they are getting the minimum and refunding tickets would cost more

Look at it as insurance, hate to pay it but I dont want to use it either

It is a CFL taxi squad of 5 A players and not 10. Probably talking around $4,500 a week. As ro1313 wrote "better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them."


I don't disagree, but it is still a million dollars at minimum. You would think the teams would use those players. For example kicker Mat Mengel is sitting there doing nothing while some teams have brought in one or two American kickers who have been awful, while a guy who spent two months learning the rules and is through protocols is sitting around enjoying a poor experience.

How do you come up with a million in costs.

And thanks Richard for again providing some facts to the claim.

Here we go, getting personal before asking a question. You never disappoint.

Using Richard's $4500.00 figure x 9 teams = $40 500.00 a week = $729.000 for the season, plus training camp allowance, flights and other stipends like housing. its around a million dollars. could be a little less or a little more.

thanks for the reply.
Just giving thanks for Richard's facts of 5 not 10. And simply asking how you come up with a Million.
Again thanks for you rationale.

Players on the CFL Taxi Squad can be shuffled around within their own team. Teams are allowed to move players from the CFL Practice Roster to their Regular Practice Roster or even to the Active Roster. Difference between the 2 practice rosters is only in the condition that players can be claimed by other teams. With the CFL Practice Roster, other teams can only poach players to replace someone who is unavailable due to covid.

In reality with the regular practice roster, other teams picking off players from someone else almost never happens. Maybe we should have expected the same would apply to the CFL version.

In a typical year, practice rosters expand by 5 for 1 month after the NFL makes their final roster decisions. I do not believe that rule applies this year. So essentially what happened in 2021 is the expanded practice roster lasts the whole season instead of just for 1 month.

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At this time, during "regular time", CFL teams would add up to 5 players recently released NFL teams; it would be in place for a month.

Year 2021 is not a regular time and, for this reason, hardly any player has been added to CFL practice rosters to date; there still will be some, but the main problem is they have to be "en quarantine" meaning that they can't practice for 10 to 14 days.

The 5 player CFL taxi squad can "compensate" for the NFL cuts that can't be signed and practice the next day. I definitely don't see the addition of these 5 players taxi squad as a "burden" to the teams, but rather a chance to evaluate future possible CFL players.



Richard...When you estimated $4500 is a total per team per week for this addition?

Exactly, everyman. No fix amount for players on practice rosters, but we frequently hear about $900.00 a week; so, 5 players x $900.00 gives me $4,500. Could be a little less, but I doubt that it is more.


The Als have never replaced Rodney Randle Jr. on the CFL practice roster.

I'm reporting them!

Imagine, Sheldon, they are saving $900.00 a week. Don't report them, please!.