the teams that suck

are those that dont have an all time roster on their official site.

Don't forget teams that kick the field goal when it's 3rd and 5 and they are down by 7 with 2 mins to go in the 4th quarter. Those teams suck too.


And teams that give up 42 points.

Yeah, and teams also that had four turnovers and lost the game, but at least half of their fans still think they played a pretty good game on offence. :roll:

And those teams that think their hot sh*t after a 2-0 start, take it from us who started 3-0 it takes one slide and you can end up in the cellar, we finished that season 10-8 that means after that we went 7-8 anything can happen

Just having some fun, dude. :wink:

My team doesn't suck its just bad officiating.

I know i know,we do t suck we just sucked this seasonthus far