The teams that can't make it.

In the CFL you can't win a Grey Cup without a Grey Cup qualiber QB (I know, it's pretty obvious, but I still had to introduce this thread with something).

So let's review rosters to see which fans should start bandwagoning for another team.

Montreal: Calvillo - YES :thup:
Hamilton: Maas - YES, but NO :frowning: , he lacks support.
Toronto: Old man Allen - YES, but NO :frowning: , I do think he's finished, it does have to end somewhere doesn't it?
Winnipeg: Glenn - MAYBE, too early, we don't know, but NO :frowning: , I don't see the PEG getting out of the East, they are 0-4 against the Als this year (including pre-season).

Edmonton: Ray - YES :thup:
BC: Dickenson - YES :thup:
Saskatchewan: Joseph or Crandell - NO :frowning: , sorry.
Calgary: Burris - NO :frowning: , a lot a people think he's good, I don't think he's Grey Cup good.

In the end, the usual trifecta should be on top: EDM/BC vs. MTL.

So, to the teams that can't HAM/PEG/TOR/SASK/CAL, try to argue me out of it. :wink:

One look at the standings in the West-- its close, and any one of those teams can finish 1st and any one of them can finish last. Ricky Ray is getting a lot of yards passing, but they are not finishing drives. BC and Calgary are incosistent at best, Burris running hot and cold and DD getting mugged in games. If the Rider D shows up and plays like it can, they can have a leg up on first. If any of the Rider receivers other than Dominguez and Armstead can step up and become a force(Fantuz,Grant, Breeden or French), they will be a tough team to defend against.

lol in 1988 the Bomber won a Grey Cup with Sean Salsbury at Quarterback! He was 12 of 31 in that game! We had a great defense! The Lions turned the ball over 5 times in the 2nd half. We got 1 first down in the 2nd half...but didn't turn the ball over. And Bob Cameron badly outpunted Lui Passaglia earning him top Canadian honors. That was a huge factor in a game with a big wind. And who would you rather have had as a QB in that game, Dunnigan, or Salsbury? There's much mroe to a team than just the quarterback.

Upsets still happen. This year the league is very close from top to bottom, and any team can beat any other team in any game. That's one of the great things about the league this year. If any of those 3 teams you mention lose their starting quarterback due to injury, they are in BIG trouble. Those 3 teams depend on their starting QBs much more than other teams. We already saw the Lions look helpless without Dickenson against the Argos this year, and for several games last year.

On the whole I agree with you that those 3 teams you mentioned have the best quarterbacks, and have the best chance to win the Grey Cup. But I certainly won't say that the other teams don't have a chance.

Has Dickenson ever won a cup??? I believe Crandell has.

Nice insight about the 1988 Grey Cup. I didn't know about it because I was 8 at the time. In those years, I was as much aware about the CFL as I was of mad cow disease, so... :smiley:

The west may be won with a 10-8 or 9-9 record.

is this a joke? support?

( not to mention an O-line with hudson and cheron )

oh no, no support there :roll: ...c'mon!

I said no support because I don't think their bras will hold up. :o

Wow! That's a nice one, you can quote me on that. If you use it, send royalties. :rockin:

I guess it is your opinion I respect that! But I can prove you wrong! M Crandel winning in 2001! To early in the season to make this garbage up! Some teams gell near the end of the season and some fall flat on their faces! Time will tell!

You forgot one more...1-5.

to say maas has no support is a joke...u put those same players around DD, DA, AC or RR and they would dominate...maas is the problem, not a lack of support.

for whatever reason, maas has no long ball, and even his short passes are loose spirals. i think he might be hurt, and noone knows.

just look at the highlights on this site, or tsn's...the pass that made vaughn the all time receptions leader was a terribly thrown football...and this is typical for maas this year. ( over thrown, underthrown, and bad handoffs )

Hamilton's 1-5 record is a little deceiving IMO. If one or two breaks go their way they are a .500 football team. Anyone who plays them from here on out and takes them lightly are in for one hell of a surprise and might find themselves licking their wounds after a loss.

I think the Cats are starting to come around. In fact and as much as I hate to say this, the Cats are better at this point then my Argos.
It would not surprise me and I am picking the Cats to beat the Bombers next Friday.

Okay then...while we're at it, I think the Esks record is a little deceiving as well. They should be 5-0. Not that underachieving piece of crap 2-3 they currently sit at.

I feel so much better now... :roll:

The Bombers... :?

They are so goddamned overrated...

Yeah the esks are so well coached... :roll:
Ray is not finishing drives and the running game isnt there for them, they are deserving of their record... still stinging from that Stegall catch eh Moses? :lol:

its only his opinion :roll: he dont no what he is talkin about IMO :lol:

Don't be too hard on Devastator, 514. If bummer fans didn't have 1988 and 1990 to talk about, they really wouldn't have much to talk about at all. Ask a bummer fan how many Grey Cups they've won since 1990, and you are sure to get a terse reply. I find it ironic, however, that a bummer fan would reminisce about 1988 like it was yesterday, and yet if an Eskimo fan talks about LAST YEAR'S Grey Cup, the same bummer fans jump on our backs and accuse us of "living in the past". The irony never ceases to amuse me.

Warner, you missread me. Devastator really had a good insight, I wasn’t being sarcastic.

Anyway, everybody can feel better about their drought when they compare their team with the Toronto Maple Leafs, even Bombers fans. :cowboy:

Even you must realize at this point that Buris is overrated.

The first 4 weeks the excuse was he's a late starter. Well if he doesn't come alive soon it's going to be too late!

The Stamps looked like a bunch of Bums. The only positive is Lewis is pretty good.

This was supposed to be the year of the Stamps, they are falling on their faces.

Buris is a flash in the pan.