The team's heartbeat!

I've hesitated to say it but this team does not have confidence in QP to be the guy to lead it to victory. The HC should be able to assess that and in that respect MB has failed to correctly judge the collective psyche of his team. You can crow all you want about how professionals have to play regardless of who's in the game, but these are human being who will make their own judgments, conscious and sub-conscious. If the players head into the game without the confidence that the right guy is in the most critical position, is it any wonder they have been such slow starters all season?

I just don't feel there is a high confidence level in QP and there's really no reason there should be. That just puts more pressure on everyone to have to be perfect because the quarterback isn't ready to lead. If you are not willing to go to war with the guy, that is a major problem. The fact that Coach Marcel has not been able to see this and adjust to build team confidence is just being totally dogmatic.

Kevin Glenn may not be the best QB in the CFL, but he is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats best option to win football games. The fact that Arland Bruce had to make public comments to that effect just proves my assessment of the collective attitude of the team. You can say he may not speak for all the players, but my guess is he speaks for the majority.

Arland Bruce has never spoken for anyone but Arland Bruce. This is no different.

Cager well said. AKT get off Bruce's case.

Sorry but Bruce is nothing but a showboating loudmouth to be ignored much like Terrel Owens

The guy is as frustrated as the fans are. he was asked a question and his only crime was telling the truth. Someone had to. I would keep Bruce over Marcel any day. At least Bruce has some talent and, dare I say, brains.
If anyone should be fined, it's Marcel. :lol:

Why make judgmental statements about Bruce instead of addressing the substance of his remarks? If Arland Bruce says two plus two equals four, the statement does not become false merely because Bruce says it.

What about the thousands in the stands? Do you not hear the reaction to Porter's play? What about the tremendous cheer when Porter is benched?

Because addressing the substance is not politically correct. People here would rather shoot the messenger, or cut Bruce in this case, call him a cancer, call Porter the future, and pretend that everything is fine. Showboating loudmouth? No, he's our leading receiver.

No because Arland Bruce has always been a problem player. His history makes whatever he says irrelevant. It could very well be true but to say Bruce speaks for the team is laughable. Very very very laughble. Bruce always has been and always will be about Arland Bruce. If Stalla had said it I'd be much more inclined to listen. It would still be a dumb thing to say but at least he has no history of putting himself ahead of the team like Arland. Put in a nutshell, I thought signing him was a mistake, said so from the beginning and his rope was this short with me.

I too believe we need to start Glenn but this nonsense of blaming Porter is one of the reasons we haven't developed a winner here in a long time. Try pointing where the blame lies. Bad prep, bad in game adjustments, lack of talent on both sides of the ball. Where can we make an immediate effect? Change the way we run the offense. Its not working no matter who is in the game. Simply changing the QB won't solve the problem. Changing receivers isn't possible any longer. We've been stuck with the non imports we have and there isn't help to be had unless we start a non import blocking back and change the playbook. The ratio is killing us. An import kicker??????????????? An all import D line ?????????? This is where Obie is failing us. Our defense last night was swiss cheese. THAT is why we lost. Glenn had plenty of time to turn the ship around. He didn't and the team allowed 17 more points before the offense did a thing. Somehow THAT is Porters fault? Tim to look in the mirror to those on the team that are blaming the QB.

And the same happened to Kerrigan, Allen, Callvillo , and frankly too many more to remember. If the team listens to the crowd we'll always be losers

This team has NO HEART!!!!!!

How about this team’s heart is not in the right place …

These players care, no player enjoys what we as fans and a team just went threw …

I am not making excuses but maybe this was an internal cleansing brought on by some players
maybe some offensive players want the OC to get fired and making him look bad as it did maybe they have started the GM and directors to take a real big step back and look in from the outside …Maybe they just wanted heads to turn but not right around …like a cry for help without opening mouths …

So in your Universe who has a voice ? Not the fans, not the players…

Also Bruce never claimed to speak for the team.

I respect your opinion but there seems to be some hate clouding your judgement a bit.

No the fans have no say. The players have a say only in the fact they either play well enough to stick or they don't. They have no right to dictate to management who plays. Should coaches listen to players? Sure, take the players private comments into account but be true to what believe in as a coach even if it upsets a few. Should coaches listen to fans? Never. Fans usually have no clue

Yes, you definitely demonstrate this with every post.

As for the fans having no saying you are even more clueless. We have a say in that we won't be spending our hard earned dollars while shivering in the cold to watch a buffoon taking snaps and watch one guy getting developed (LMAO) week after week. Meanwhile guys like Johnson and Knowlton killing themselves out there on defense only to have to come back in due to Quinton Fumblitis. Don't you worry. Once the attendance drops to 12000 then Obie and Bellfool will HEAR the fans.

I repeat, fans have no say in football decisions. As a group they have no clue, thats why they are paying to see the games instead of getting paid to run the team. The fact is if the team wins fans will come out. The fans rally don't care who plays and who doesn't so long as the team wins. The management team has a much better idea how to do that than a horde of profane drunken fans