The team wants Masoli back

Good read from TSN…

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats got off to a great start this past season before disaster struck in late July. Jeremiah Masoli suffered a season-ending knee injury and just like that the Ticats’ chances were in the hands of backup Dane Evans. Four months and a Grey Cup appearance later and Evans is an emerging star and the Ticats have a decision to make at quarterback this off-season.
TSN’s CFL Insiders Dave Naylor and Farhan Lalji reported over Grey Cup Weekend that while the team has Evans under contract for the next two seasons and Masoli is a pending free agent, the Ticats want both QBs back in the fold next season.

“Hamilton is set with Dane Evans. He has two years left on his contract at a reasonable number so that’s a very good situation for the Ticats going forward,? Naylor said. “They would like to have Jeremiah Masoli back. He started the season as their No. 1 quarterback, had an ACL injury at the end of July, and not 100 per cent certain when he’ll be ready to play, but the Ticats want him back in the fold. They believe this is a two-quarterback league.?

In six games for the Ticats this season, the 31-year-old Masoli finished with 1,576 yards, nine touchdowns, and seven interceptions on 125-175 passing. The seven-year CFL veteran was an East Division All-Star in 2018 after throwing for 5,209 yards, 28 touchdowns, and 18 interceptions.
“Masoli loves it (in Hamilton). He believes that he’s been part of the building process and he wants to find a way to stay,? Lalji said. “Hamilton would like to find a way to bring him back here as well but the injury history is going to play a big factor because he believes he’ll be ready to start next training camp, the Ticats aren’t so sure.?

Evans took over for an injured Masoli and started the last 12 games of the regular season, finishing with 3,754 yards, 21 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions on 298-413 passing.

There is a realistic chance Ottawa or Toronto offer him a 3 year deal worth starter money and that is where he goes. There is also a chance he loves Hamilton and Hamilton loves him and they find a way to make this work.
Dane is signed for 2 more years at less then starter money ( as far as we know). Masoli might not be ready until August and even if he is ready for training camp, his knee injury makes him a question mark.

I would make a prediction, but I honestly have no idea how this is going to play out.

The good news if Masoli signs elsewhere is we can spend money that would have been spent on him upgrading the O and D Lines, LB corps, and Canadian receiver position (weak play at all of these spots cost us the Cup).

Ottawa is a gong show, I can’t see Masoli desperate enough to sign with Desjardins. ::slight_smile:
Toronto falls into the same category only a little less gong in that show. :o

The underlying tones in these statements from Masoli and the team…

Masoli “I want to be a Ticat for life” (if the money/situation is right)

Team “we want Masoli back” (if the money/situation is right)

We heard the same from Collaros. I wouldn’t put too much stock into any of this till they actually sit down and talk.

I think the O-Line, D-Line and LBs had very good seasons overall. The Grey Cup was an anomaly unfortunately. Perhaps we could improve the MLB position but tinkering too much might affect us negatively.

We spent the last off season upgrading the O & D lines, the failure in the GC was I think more due to poor execution/preparation than personnel, considering that same personnel was dominant in the regular season.

We may be surprised with Toronto next year.

Orlondo Steinauer wants to look at having Jeremiah Masoli back with the Ticats

Our Oline and Dline were two of the best in the league, they had a bad game. Look for many of them to be resigned.

The Linebacking corps is good, but we could use competition at MLB. They may draft University of Montreal linebacker Samuel Rossi.

This is a strong draft for receivers, so I would think the Ti-Cats take one or two, give Ungerer a chance and cut Mike Jones.

Sounds to me from Coach O’s quotes that they may “try to make it work” but it also sounded like a politically correct way of saying he won’t be back.

Everything is polite and cordial until they start talking numbers.
Then the “this is a business” talk starts.

If Masoli doesn’t re-sign with us I would put in order of where he could sign and why.

1- WPG - Well coached, Lapolice as OC and Danny Mac in management - signability @ 95%

2- TOR - Pinball effect, nothing else to offer right now - signability - 4.99%

3- OTT - nothing in place but Desjardins - signability - .01%

Arbuckle, Collaros, Nichols, McBeth, etc. will all be looking for starting jobs also

I like most of what Evans is saying. But as usual, money complicates things. If the Cats sign Masoli for starter’s money, there’s no way they keep him around as anything other than a starter. The X-factor is his recovery time. We could end up in a scenario similar to Zach’s return from surgery, where Masoli was called upon to start the first six games while Zach was still recovering.

Zach if I remember correctly returned from his injury by late July/early August after going down with the ACL in mid-September.
Masoli’s injury occurred at the end of July so if he follows a similar timeline (and everyone is certainly different) he could be back for the start of the season or maybe a game or two in. That would mean they need a QB for the preseason and maybe the first game or two.
I heard somewhere the suggestion that TO or Ottawa would try to sign Masoli for “Mike Reilly type” money but ANY team who throws that much money at one player deserves to flounder as the Lions did this season. Given the uncertainty of his return to the field (at least at this time) and how quickly he will return to form, I can see him returning for a decent starting salary that is also team friendly, but we’ll have to wait and see what transpires.

You think he would turn down “Mike Reilly type money” to return for “team friendly” money?

That’s the two questions on everyones mind. Will any team offer the big bucks? Will Masoli accept the lesser offer to stay in Hamilton?

Skin Flint Dejardins won’t be offering “Reilly type $$$”. :wink:

Why not. He paid Ellingson as the top paid WR in the league.

Pay them, attract them, get them to move. Discard them later.

The injury leaves a lot of things uncertain. That familiarity of the team, coaches etc everything may make Jeremiah stay so he only has to focus on getting better. Maybe only signs a one-year deal to get himself back on track.

He also want to win. Hamilton has as good a chance as that as anyone next year.

I think if we find the space to give him a decent, but not outrageous increase, he stays for the familiarity, shot at a cup, and the payoff of taking us to one after years of being with the team, they can get a deal done.