The Team Needs Us

We sit in front of our computers and chat about who should be where and who should be doing what and who isn't doing what. We are 0-4 our head coach was fired the team knows what they need to do. The question is do the fans.

The beauty of playing at home is the advantage of the 13th man. That'd be us. Obviously most of the people who log on day in and day out are the people who wear the meaning of being part of the Black and Gold tradition on their sleeve. When the team loses you feel like crap the whole week but yet are right back in there pumped and ready to go the next.

Well your team needs you now. Not to be booing or shouting negative things at our players but to get behind them and tell them that we believe. IWS is one of the loudest stadiums in the CFL. It needs to get louder. When Calgary gets down into the Horseshoe(lets call it the Tigers Tooth) the ground needs to shake. We need to get so loud that Burris needs to burn a time out because he can't hear himself think.

So my challenge to you memebers is to get all the new faces in your section to understand what it is like to be a die hard cat fan. To bleed the Black and Gold. Get them screaming and yelling and cheering. (The kids are a lot of fun if you can get them going.) The defence needs us to be loud and the offence needs our support.

You got to believe. Get Loud

The time for bitching is over.

It's GAME DAY!!!!!

We're all Black and Gold and it's time for the horse to go down

Yep, gotta crank 'er up tonight, fellow Cats fans!!!
This is a biggie. This season is still very much salvagable. Going 0-5, however, is not an option.

All hands on deck tonight!

agreed!!, right from the opening kickoff, let's make some NOISE!!!!!!!!!

Some more noise would be great, from the fans that is, less from the stadium announcer though. But, hey, for those that are reserved and aren’t into the noise thing much, at least with the mouth, clap your hands, stomp your feet once in a while or whatever, every little bit helps. Or forget about the noise if this isn’t your thing at all and just put your hands up in the air every so often, being at the stadium is still a great night or day out regardless.

Come to think of it, I cannot recall the last time we had a successful “wave” at IWS. I know, I know - the wave is dated, but it’s fun, and we DID set an unnofficial record for the wave back in the day…

I think you make a good point there sig, even though I’m not a huge fan of the wave, but tonight, hey, why not, let’s have some fun everyone!

last time there was a successful one, was the game Kashama went down with a broken leg (so 2004?) and we had to kill time while the ambulance drove at 2km.h so as to not damage the turf.

frightening moments to be sure.

if i counted correctly i beleive the best that we did was when it went around the stadium 26 times in a row.

I think it was around 55-57 times. Back before you were born, Espo... lol

whoops. my bad, missed the record part. just saw the question about the last successful one at IWS.


that was like a little puzzle...i think i get it.

I agree, last game I was upset in the lack of noise. Especially for the DEFENCE!

the team needs a kick in the arse and i think ronnie’s doing that. we need a win!