The team I hate more than the riders!!

Well there is only one sports team I hate more than the riders.
That is the Vancouver Canucks.
I hate everything about that team.When I say I hate.I HATE them all.
I'm glad you are missing the playoffs.Canuck fans I hope you enjoy the sour taste in your mouth.

playoffs are on now eh?

haven't seen too much NHL hockey, but I HAVE to watch the playoffs.

too bad the Canucks are out, I don't love them, but I don't hate them. Hoped that they would win the Staleny Cup BEFORE Ottawa.

oh well....

i say flames and sens all the way!

Flames can die, but the Sens should win it all (what the H E double hockey sticks?)

Yes got to hate the canucknuckleheads!

the pro sports team that i hate the most are the Toronto Maple Leafs. If they miss the playoffs , it will be a long offseason for all canadian hockey fans , cause that is all you will hear about from April to September. TSN(Toronto's Sports Network), the score and rogers sportsnet and CBC to some degree, will be over analyzing the leafs season. Lets hope the CFL is interesting enough so we dont have to hear how the poor buds missed the playoffs. Even the name is a misnomer, have you ever seen leafs that bloom in fall and crumble come April?

The sad part is now they will report nothing but Blue Gays! Oh Blue Jays!

RW, do you just say you wanna a Blue Jay?

I love Canada, but the name for a sports team is dumb, "oh no, the maple leafs are coming, run and hide ooooooooo!!!!!"

yeah right, A JET BEATS A LEAF ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO JETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YA IN 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanga Toronto Blue Jays the baseball team! What are you going out to catch one for me!

you could say that.

Do you have a significant other from Winnipeg Kanga? Strange how an Aussie living in Atlanta would be a bomber fan. Im not trying to insult you, im just curious

Do not get him started! Sambo you are new there are rules one is not to ask these questions to Kanga!

Yes Sambo, if you want to know about Kanga, PM. The rest of us don't want to go down that long dark road again

when I came here in 1992, I became a huge fan of hockey and the Jets after watching them in a Rangers game, and was chusred when they moved in 1996, and always wanted them back in the peg, then came Jet and I dounated my time as much as I could, and somehow in the middle of that and self teaching myself about the other teams histories online, I stabled on to the CFL, which I heared about before, but now I tock a real intrerest in and read about the basic and was told that it was like a combination of Rugby and NFL rules, so I saw a game on TV in 2004 (I was a bit too late for the 2003 GC), and I WAS HOCKED!!!! and here I am now.

and I've always liked Canada, a very liberail and proggesive country, and it's like a combination of Australia and America.

and I love Winnipeg, not too big, not to small, just right, and it looks so nice in the pics, and oh yeah, the towels are OH SO FUFFLY!!!!!

Need we say more!

Where can I get "FUFFLY" towels
I only have fluffy ones!

the magical far away place, where the snow is always falling, the mosquitoes are always biting, and the air smells like beer, and the Towels are OH SO FUFFLY!!! where the Eskimos and the Indians sing songs together, and anybody in the street would galdy shave your back for a LOONIE!!! (inhale) WAKAA WAKAA DO DO YA!!!'s're on glue.....

but he is still cracked

Yep!! I just love FUFFLY towels don't ya'll??