The team has recognized this shortage & taken action

no wait - maybe not. :oops:

[url=] ... ve-linemen[/url]

OK ...

We really need offensive linemen. I hope the team remembers this during the draft this year.

I would think there could be some trades to address some of our shortages.

Really, maybe. Really, underlined, I don’t think so. They have 10 on the roster and all have at least some CFL experience. I think we can safely bet that at least 3, and maybe more, of the Cats’ 9 picks will be used to add more hogs. I’m hoping that a couple of the 9 picks are used for receivers, including one among the top ranked prospects.

Camp Bodies. also, the O-line wasn't the entirety of the issue. Having Collaros hold on to the ball for to long, and the lack of a power back, is much more the problem.

We will see a couple of O-linemen added for camp, but i don't expect much movement.