The Team Did Something Great Today...

We came out to a big lead and then let it slip away...

But that's when this team "geled". Instead of falling apart like usual they got their @#$% together and got the momentum back. Heck... I never thought that this team would win a game without Setta... EVER. They proved me wrong.

Other notes...

  • What a warrior. Setta was obviously hurt and he still went 3/3 and punted well. They may have been short punts but he placed them well. Also... before you say anything about his 3 field goals being short 20 yarders remember that our last kicker made it his routine to miss from inside the 20.

  • I loved the big Rodriguez catch!

  • Bye bye Lumsden... maybe Setta can teach you a thing or two about being tough.


Rusty: Cheap shot against Jesse. :thdn:
How tough are you?

Yes it was. Do you actually believe that their injuries are of the same type and magnitude, Rusty?

Boo hoo...

The guy is made out of glass. Accept it and move on.

How tough am I? Believe me...

I've fought through a LOT of injuries in my life.

Head injuries?

Yeah… head injuries.

Lumsden may have a legit injury right now but do you HOENSTLY believe that he couldn’t have played through some of them? He’s as soft as butter in July.

Classless remarks are not usually your forte or mine,
Rusty25, but in this case I will make an exception.

So you think you are tough because you have had
a head injury or two, do you, oh-mighty-rusty-one? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn:

Jesse was the stuntman in this movie.

They don't have candybutt rules like
they do in that sissy game of football. :rockin:

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You are right... I'm not usually classless... but I am sick and tired of hearing about Lumsden being injured. How many games has he missed? and how many games has he actually FINISHED?

You missed the point, Rusty25.

If the medical staff says Jesse can't play,
there is no way he will be stepping on the field

even if he gets down on one knee and begs.

That's the way it is, it's the rules!!

Things aren't the way they were in King Arthur's day


With all due respect to Lumsden. You cannot deny the fact that he is injury prone and were lucky if we can get 5 or 6 games a season with him.

A typical Ticat fan , a few lines about a kicker and ONE line about the Offensive player of the WEEK after a win against the best team in the CFL AND THEN it`s right back to the same old same old .

A slag against a player who didnt play and how he`s this and he`s that because  he`s injured .  Why is it that you cant enjoy the win for a a week or so before they play again on the road ?? First and foremost are you not a TIGER CAT fan ??  Please , lets see if you can make an entire post without slagging someone ok ??

He was okay to go against Calgary when he sat out for precautionary measures. Then got hurt the next game back. Sorry, but that ankle injury looked pretty weak. He has great skill but he's broken. Cut ties and walk away.