The Tail of One CFL team - and The Bane

This Tiger Cat team has gelled to the point where they should really be a force to reckon with in this league, this year. They have most of the dogs in place to move the sled and win games! Instead they continue to always lose to everyone else. Why? Because they are missing the most important part of the team, a high performance lead sled dog!

And if this team doesn't get this quality lead sled dog at the helm, all the crazy glue in the city of Hamilton won't keep this glorious gel from separating from within again and returning to the melted state it was in throughout the debacle of 06.

Maas has clearly shown about 23 times now that he does not bring to the race a threatening deep pass ability which is needed by the lead dog to serve as a distraction to stave off the vulturous killers on other teams. Without this ability the strain on our other dogs are too much for them to bear, hence, they collapse near the ending zone and don't touchdown.

Maas cannot spread the defense. Replace him before the debacle of 06 infests this 07 dog team too.

But, with whom? There are no great leaders available.