The Tail End of a Dream

Listening to AC on rds last night he was quite evasive saying he had a long talk with his family and with Wetenhall who must already know the answer. Looks like we'll know at the beginning of the week and I have an ominous feeling Senior will be dancing naked in the streets.

Seems like if AC was going to return he might have just said so. Not sure about this whole official announcement approach.

Any way as I said, either way is fine by me. As for Pat, he's definitely 'le meyer choix' under the circumstances.

Cavillo, Trestman,Tebow underperforming in the NFL- interesting!!

Je ne crois pas que l'équipe ait besoin d'un 5ième porteur de ballon. Je ne vois pas pourquoi Tebow deviendrait subitement un bon passeur juste en changeant de ligue.

still no announcement from AC. tomorrow perhaps. way to make us linger. I'm 50-50 at this point.

I would not be shocked if he took till the new year to make a decision. Be got operated today . I thinm be needs to take bis time. After 20 years it is a big decision.

I remain 100% positive that he will return in 2013 and he will announce it in 2012; most probably this week, but definitely not later than December 21,2012.


I hope you're right, Richard. In an offseason with so much upheaval, it would be fantastic to at least have stability at the QB position.

I somehow don't think AC will be back; a 20-year career ought to be enough. AC had a great season, statistically speaking, but there were just too many other things going wrong, especially on D.

Sadly, all sports careers, great as they may have been, have to come to a close at some point. I think this would be the right time for Anthony before he gets seriously, and perhaps irreparably, banged up. His 40+-year-old body can only take so much. I expect to see him back in the not-too-distant future in some capacity with the Als.

Whether or not he returns, however, the 2013 is going to be a kind of rebuilding phase. Our stellar receivers looked very ordinary at points during this season, and that definitely needs to be corrected. Hope Whitaker has a great off-season to recover, but I don't know - an ACL is very tricky, especially for a RB making those all-important cuts. Will he return 100%? Remains to be seen. And yet once again, we are going to have new coaches in key positions. Necessarily, this means players having to get used to new formations. Hopefully, the coaching staff will get together and only make those changes that are absolutely necessary!

I still think special teams and defense were the weak point of this team the last two seasons, third on the list would be inability to control the clock on offense.

seems like we have a juicy piece of cfl news for each day of this week. first ed hervey in edmonton and now Cortez out of hamilton.

the longer the als take to announce AC's decision the more interesting it'll be when they do.

Be careful Senior! Dancing in the streets in this temperature is not a good thing. Your "little willy" will get some serious shrinkage! You gonna end up with a very little willy :oops:

According to a reliable source, this afternoon Anthony Calvillo should announce his intention to return with the Alouettes for another season in 2013.

Of course he needs to sign a new contract but that's just be a formality in his case.

Glad that he'll be back, though I hope they seriously start grooming a capable successor (and frankly I'm not sure if either McPherson or Neiswander is that guy). They'll also need to ensure that the backup QB is capable to carry the offense, like Kevin Glenn did with the Stampeders this year, should (God forbid) AC suffer an injury that'd keep him out for an extended period of time.

C'est tout à fait juste. Chapeau à notre ami Richard qui avait prédit le coup une fois de plus!

Et au-delà de cette considération, il faut aussi que les Alouettes préparent le successeur de Calvillo maintenant. Si Calvillo est un athlète d'exception, il n'est pas éternel. Damon Allen était aussi un athlète d'exception et il s'est tout de même retiré à 43 ans, une sorte de record en soi. Il y a plus de chances que Calvillo se retire avant cet âge vénérable pour un joueur actif.

Nous ne savons effectivement pas qui sera ce successeur. Peut-être Popp ne le sait-il pas encore non plus. Mais la situation du futur quart des Alouettes doit se préparer maintenant.

Pour clore mes propos sur cette rubrique (je finis par me répéter), la fin d'un rêve est l'éveil d'un autre qu'il faudra poursuivre et qui finira par être lui-aussi heureux. Les choses ont souvent tendance à éventuellement contredire les pessimistes.

C'est pas si simple de "preparer" la succession d'un quart partant dans la LCF. Il y a un systeme de controle des salaires en place en plus tant qu'un quart ne joue pas il est impossible de savoir ce qu'il vaut.

Frankly, I think the best thing we can do to ensure Calvillo stays healthy and productive is to control the clock on offense, and be at least competent on special teams and solid on defense. The past two years, we've only had one functioning unit out of three; you aren't going to win championships (or playoff games, period) that way. Teams that win the Grey Cup are balanced in all three phases of the game. We've come to rely on Anthony too much to bail us out. Let's put some frackin accountability on the other two units in 2013.

Bingo. Take out or reduce the option plays because AC as most QB's will throw in most of those situations and the rest of the league will lure him into it. Get the offense at least an equivalent field position and a defense that is competent at stopping both the run and defense.

Je croyais avoir fini...

Je ne dis pas que c'est simple. Je dis que c'est ce que l'équipe doit faire, que ce soit simple ou pas. On en est rendus là. Et je crois que l'équipe va y parvenir.

On verra lorsque Anthony se retirera. Ca pourrait etre dans 3 ans ! Il joue encore a un tres haut niveau.

Yes, exactly, teams are going to stack the box to force AC into passing, especially since everyone knows Trestman is super-quick to abandon the run if it's not working. That's where the jumbo sets and ground possession game can help break enemy defenses of those tendencies. Two of our divisional rivals play heavy man-press, which can be exploited by running the ball effectively, particularly if we can bounce plays to the outside. Teams that had success against the Argos last season did so by running the ball down their throat.

Get the offense at least an equivalent field position and a defense that is competent at stopping both the run and defense.
I look back on our championship teams of 2009 and 2010 and I see teams that were good in all three phases. We won the 2010 Grey Cup putting up a measly 21 points on the board! But the D held SSK in check for most of the second half and we took the game over in the third quarter with a relentless possession game, wearing the Riders down by controlling the clock and keeping Durant & co. cold on the bench.

That's football. Getting into pissing contests with Ray and Burris isn't the way to go.