The Tail End of a Dream

Watching RGIII and the Redskins last night
Dispatch the Superbowl Champs New York Giants
And their "elite" quarterback
I couldn't help thinking of my vision for the Alouettes
Had they travelled that other road

An athletic quarterback
Who gives defences fits with option plays
A good strong running game
And creativity...mostly just that.

Griffin's a rookie
And despite the "growing pains" at the start of the season
We're starting to see what an offence moulded around his talents and skills
Will someday be
As the TV announcer blurted at one point, "He's changing the nature of football."
It's exciting...and the city of Washington is getting "the fever"
Yet again.
Yay for them.

There's no question in my mind that Adrian McPherson
Has every bit as much talent as RGIII
Maybe not as much speed
But a tougher and more physical runner
And a better throwing arm.

As we get closer to AC declaring his intentions
It seems increasingly certain that and Alouettes team
Moulded and designed around AD's talents
Will never come to fruition
McPherson will decamp and bring everything he's learned these long and frustrating years
To some other franchise...who will hopefully understand what they have
And use it wisely
Les Redskins it were.

It should be exciting
Too bad the Alouettes will remain becalmed
No wind in their sails
Coaches abandoning a stinking ship
For as far in the future as anyone can see.

[i]Johnny is really glad you brought this up Senior. Here is a list of the last several Super Bowl winning quartebacks:

2012 Eli Manning
2011 Aaron Rodgers
2010 Drew Brees
2009 Ben Roethlsiberger
2008 Eli Manning
2007 Peyton Manning
2006 Ben Roethlisberger
2005 Tom Brady
2004 Tom Brady
2003 Brad Johnson
2002 Tom Brady
2001 Trent Dilfer
2000 Kurt Warner

Do you notice A TREND Senior? Those are all PURE POCKET PASSERS! Show Johnny a running QB who won the big game at the pro level.[/i]



That's a well deserved cigar.

Thread should read The Tail End of an Illusion.

I was hoping the past couple of years that McPherson would have had the opportunity to further develop his skills, as, on his brief playing time in years past I perceived him as highly talented. Never the less, I do believe that out team has now the players required to make a championship run next year- especially should they recruit a couple of excellnt replacements for those players who not be returned.

Some of the younger members of my family told me that Rim Tebow is just not playing much this year as the NY Jets are not, to date, creating any opportunities for him. Looking up his stats on that team's website ( he has a passing completion rate at 89.9 % - but only with only 6 out 0f 7 pass attempts. He has a few runs with a 3.0 average per attempt.

I've seen Roethlisberger do his fair share of running. He's no Vick but he definitely has legs

Another sign of impending doom
Patrick Lavoie signed to a 3-year deal

Normally I'd be happy at the news
The kid showed himself to be versatile and reliable
A great rookie addition
Not to mention a minor ressurgence at my old position; tight end

But the truth of the matter is this;
Lavoie's signing portends another few years
Of max-protect, drop back predictable offence
Under a feeble quarterback with a diminishing set of skills
AC's return is all but set in stone
And my nightmare vision of this team's destiny:
As one Argos reporter so aptly put it..."A Dynasty in Decline"
Is well on it's way to being realized

As the Alouettes continue to be bogged down by past glories
Rigidty, stubborness and a complete lack of vision and imagination
I guess my only solace will be lambasting those here who've had a hand
In their Decline and Fall

I can't say I'm exactly looking forward to it
But at least it'll be something to write about
As things on the field go from bad to worse

Senior, I share with you my perception of the great abilities McPherson demonstrated in his earlier years but, I would guess he will be playing for another team in 2013. It will indeed be interesting to follow up his career. At this point, who knows, he could possibly end up with the Als. Calvillo is relatively "old" but, as witnessed last season, Calvillo can still throw and, likely will return as our QB. Let us accept this possible reality and, continue to support the older and the younger two QBs. I hope they both will generate success in the coming season.

[i]Senior's on a roll!!!!!!

Since there is no NHL hockey, Senior cannot watch (and complain) about his beloved Boston Bruins.

Johnny tells ya, if there ain't no deal between the NHL and its players, and there is no hockey, we can expect a long winter of drama queen melodrama, poetic 12000 word rants, and weird fantasies galore.

All courtesy of the Senior ah me!

Johnny is looking forward to it! :smiley: [/i]

[quote="Senior Ah Me"
Not to mention a minor ressurgence at my old position; tight end
Johnny wants proof! Do you have any pics of yourself circa 1970 or 1980 something, wearing your football uniform? Johnny wanna see!!!!!

Popp was on another local radio station yesterday and was asked about AC and AD. His reply, they are not forcing AC to making any decision and have not had any discussions to date.
With regards to AD, he said that the Als have paid him as much as they will be willing to pay him as a backup and that if he will be looking for more money, it will not happen with the Als. He also said that given AD is now early 30's, if he feels he needs to move on and try his luck elsewhere, that is his right to do so.

Donc, pour Popp, il n'y a aucune urgence à renouveler le contrat de McPherson, ce qui est logique à ce moment-ci puisque Calvillo n'a pas encore annoncé quel sera son avenir en 2013. Ceci pour dire deux choses : premièrement, l'équipe ne paiera pas plus cher pour un quart substitut, et deuxièmement, Popp a assez confiance en Nieswander pour ne pas considérer le départ de McPherson (en tant que substitut) comme une perte importante.

Cela renforce mon impression que Popp n'est pas convaincu que McPherson serait un quart gagnant dans cette ligue. Pour avoir le poste de partant avant aujourd'hui, McPherson aurait dû ravir le poste à Calvillo. Il n'a pas réussi à le faire.


Bang on, great post.

[quote author="Johnny all italics"]

Johnny wants proof! Do you have any pics of yourself circa 1970 or 1980 something, wearing your football uniform? Johnny wanna see!!!!!


You forgot the italics! :oops:

Als beat BC and Toronto in the east final in 2009 and 2010 to win the Cup back to back.

BC and TO win the next two at home. That was the price to pay. Hasn't been seen in 80 years.

Whether AC returns or not is fine by me. I agree AD is not likely the guy. My dad believes in Tebow. Would love to see him play here. I don't have any big expectations for 2013. Just support the team and continue to appreciate what they do and they keep finding ways of amazing us.

go als go.

Great post. Again this year they made us proud by their actions on and off the field. It is sad what happened with Jenkins and let's hope that young lady recovers from her injuries but everyone worked hard and played to the whistle every game and that's all you can ask as a fan. Went to three games this year and was 1-2 but enjoyed every minute.

The thing with AC is that he commands a big salary so really Jim can plan his budget till Anthony decides what he wants to do. From his comments I'm not sure he will return. I hope he does but certainly understands if he decides its time to smell the roses.

Calvillo said this week that he met with Mr. Wettenhal. Im purely speculating, but perhaps he is being asked to accept sharing the load this year in order to start grooming a successor. It wont be McPherson, perhaps Popp wants to try for Reilly, or it could be a QB on the neg list we`re not that familiar with.

A.C. might even be asked to take a pay cut with the promise from Mr. Wettenhal that it will be made up to him when he retires to become an assistant coach or Alouette ambassador.

I think its an annual ritual before our owner leaves for the winter. I would not read too much into it.