The Sun grades CFL teams offseasons

Not much positive to say there about the cats I am afraid. Add to it we let armstead go over money and it appears from what obie is saying that our number one overall pick and our third pick both may be holdouts from training camp. I cant understand why we cant just sign players, the first overall pick should be signed and at camp. Everyone who said we saved so much money with armstead well, there is a good place to start spending it I would say. Its starting to become a joke. I hope they get it done this weekend if they havent already.

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Are you surprised? What have they done in this off-season? Presently their/your major concern should be Canadian talent or lack of it.

Presently the Cats have only 24 non-imports;-most team have between 30 and 36- you have 3 W.R./S.B.,3 R.B.,7 O.L.,3 D.L.,3 L.B. and 5 D.B.. Not too much depth. Imagine if you have a few injuries and you will have some. If Woodcock is hurt where do you go? Same with Lumsden. L.B. includes Robicheau who is maily a L.S..

I am sure that your G.M. will be looking at cuts from other teams. Don't be surprised if they sign Shaun Diner-S.B. who was recently released by my Als.

Given that Darren Gill is Barker's agent, you will have to pay or he won't be in camp; since he's also the agent of Shea Emry-Als nimber 1 choice-he may also be reluctant to sign,unless the $ are there.

Don't celebrate too fast Tiger Cats fan; don't worry, I am not celebrating with my Als.

People read the sun?

Nice journalism, why don't they actually put some effort into their stories and actually research the unknown guys Hamilton brought in. I guess expecting a journalist from the sun to actually work is asking a bit much.

Similar to last year, Hamilton looks promising with some of the rookies they have acquired for this year. Similar to last year, some, most or all of these rookies COULD turn out to be a total bust.

Its another crap shoot, people, with no certainties. For now, all we can do is put our faith and trust in Obie and hope that he has managed or WILL manage to bring in some quality talent.

It could be an improved year or another 3 and 15 fiasco.

I'll say that the Sun doesn't really like or respect Hamilton. There's been a lot of change in the last twelve months, which is what you are really looking at at Training Camp.

OB as a GM is a huge move; the guy built the Lions to where they are these past few years...

We now have an OLine that can protect either of our bona fide QB's or RB's..., for a receiving corps, I'm content that OB has probably brought in some bona fide receivers (not repeating the line on Brock Ralph from last year; if he didn't want to be here, let him go)

Its tough to lose Jo-Juan, but thats pro football. We adapt and improvise around it the same as we would if he broke his leg on the first day of camp.

If OB sees fit to get rid of lockerroom lizards like Anderson, so be it! Zeke can't build it by himself without the team grows a little "character", and gets everyone pointed in more or less the same direction.

Such being said, if the Sun Writer's point was "Who created or preserved a Dynasty", or "Who is a Grey Cup Contender",perhaps he is right that we are a little ways from that, but I believe the Cats are going to be a much stronger team this year...

I think Willie Ponder could be this years Zeke Moreno. A guy that has been tossed around the NFL a bit, but is still very talented and found his way up here. I am hoping he is this years Zeke Moreno.

Refreshing, well thought-out comments
like yours are a welcome relief, Lifter,

from the all the pessimism and doubt
I see expressed here by so many fans

whose psyches appear to have been badly
beaten down by too many losing seasons.

Championships are built from the top down

Scott Mitchell hired Obie to bring in
a worthy crop [especially of imports..
the draft choices are easy picks]

and 2 very experienced co-ordinators
with Canadian Football League backgrounds

to run these players through auditions,
pick the right ones, and prepare them
for what they will be confronted with.

They have a huge advantage over the
unforunate inexperienced rookie co-ordinators
picked up late in the off season last year.


Erase your memory banks of your
disappointments from other years

It's a whole new ball game.

Always look on the Bright side of Life.

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Hear, Hear.

Ummm, 90% of the time these import rookies don't pan out. Sure maybe you can find a diamond in the rough but most of them arent even worth mentioning. Spike said it best...."they COULD be total busts" and IMO most of them will be. It's a complete crap shoot.

Think back to last year. Alston, Gardner, Curry, McCants, Walker....etc....everyone was saying the same things about these guys. The only one left is Walker and he doesn't impress me at all. (Or I guess I should say hasn't yet.)

Everyone always gets bent out of shape when someone says we have a bad team or projects us to have a bad year, or in this case, states that we had a terrible offseason. They are paid to write their opinions and to be honest, I agree with this brief assessment of our offseason. Sounds bang on to me. Especially this line: "Simply put, too much talent departed and not enough of it came in. Casey Printers can't do it all himself."

Lifer did made some good points....we have improved in some areas (GM, O-Line) but we by far have the worst crop of receivers in the league. I hope Casey can make them look good.

I enjoy team previews and draft grades and speculation as much as anyone, but you have to take them with a grain of salt. Especially when they come from the Toronto Sun.

The one thing articles like this forget is the impact of injuries on a season. Out of any sport, football is affected the most by injuries. So just be wary of predictions because if Kevin Glenn or Kerry Joseph gets injured it throws everything out the window.

That being said, do I agree with most of the assessments? Yes I do.

But, I will say this, last years Tiger-Cat squad was a few breaks away from being 7 - 11 and not 3 - 15, so I don't think they are as bad as some pundits predict. A lot is being made of the lack of name recognition in the receiving corps, but if the Ticats have a 20% success rate with the import receivers they have signed, the team will surprise people this year and beyond.

It only takes one or two players to step up ala Zeke Moreno to make a huge difference to this club. I have confidence in Obie and Dan Rambo.

Unfortunately, no one ever revisits these articles come November.

  • paul

Yes that may be true, but still if i'm going to spend money on a paper i expect it to be professional, that means expecting that the writer went out and researched every player brought in before he dismissed them as garbage just because he never heard of them. This article is unprofessional, even if he rated us an A+ I'd still feel that way.

Like if I go onto or wherever and look at the NFL grades it would be very detailed with descriptions of all the draft picks etc etc and what a teams holes were and how the addressed them etc etc, unfortunately the journalists covering the CFL refuse to put that type of effort into their work.

Article failed to note Ticats improvement at OT, and the Fact Ob,s teams are Always good on ST. Just improving in those two areas will improve the teams chances of winning, Not to mention Several signings at Receiver and DB ,the Tabbies should be better over all in those areas as well. :thup: - The lack of non import depth is a concern, Hopefully some western teams unload some players as camps progress!

I take a slightly different view of it. How many other papers gave the CFL a two-page spread in its Sunday paper? The Post? The Star? The Globe? I was pleased to see the Sun do the piece.

Besides, it may not have been in the detail that die-hard fans would have wanted but overall, I thought he was pretty accurate.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barney ok, lets just look at the additions they failed to point out, Ponder - 25 yard kick off return average in the NFL, Zemeitis - a fromer 4th round NFL draft choice who should have been a first rounder if not for an injury, Rodriguez - a 6'5 receiver with blazing speed and leeping ability who wasn't on the NFL radar because he mainly played basketball in college. Then there are also the import defensive tackles brought in as well as offensive linemen. Then there is also Knowlton a strating linebacker with B.C, Mayes a db who was being developed by the Argos and Robinson a starting DB with Sask as well as Thompson a solid db with size.

That article makes it sound as if Obie was sitting in his rocking chair all offseason watching reruns of Happy Days.

This team will surprise lots of folks.

An opinion piece written by one reporter who's only contact with Ham. is what he reads on the transactions wire.

Pretty narrow margin to base an entire off season on. FAs and trades etc. are only one facet. A more accurate basis would be how the rookies brought in perform then you can look at the thing as a whole.Completely absent were the upgrades in assnt.coaching and scouting/player evaluation. The transactions page doesnt tell the whole story.

But, again, you want to find something negative, you can hang your hat on this guy's opinion and accept it as fact..

I can't disagree with you. The article just skimmed what the Cats have done in the off-season. But none of the other teams were covered in detail either. I wouldn't bet a nickel on any team's season based on that article alone. I just saw the article as just something to whet the fans' appetites for the upcoming CFL season.

But I still think the Cats will be in tough to make the playoffs. TO and the 'Peg are locks but I don't know if Montreal has fallen off enough to let the Cats into 3rd. Maybe a cross-over spot is their best bet. The Cats will double their number of wins and maybe more in 2008 but I'm not sure if that will be enough. However, I'm sure they will not embarass themselves like they've done in so many games in the last 2-3 years.

An Argo-Cat fan

Opinion is the key word. Just because you don't agree with it, doesn't mean he doesn't make some valid points. And for the record, I completely agree it was a quick skim and he didn't take everything into account, but how much room did you think he had to work with? He was trying to cover every team in the league and knowing the print media industry, he only had so much room to work with and the editors probably chopped his article to begin with. There is no way of knowing for sure.

At any rate, taking everything into consideration (coaching moves / scouting, "potential" of some of the new guys we have) a D+ rating sounds about right. Why? Because for the most part, there is no proven CFL talent coming in......just alot of question marks. And when you consider everything we've lost, even if it balances itself out, we won three games last year. So essentially we are on par with last years team. Forgive me if I'm not overly thrilled.

To forgive I think one must actually care what you think first.

That is completely true but it doesn't mean there is no talent being brought in and it doesn't mean that they can't get it done. Alot of these guys do have pro experience and there won't be a steep learning curve unlike last year when it was mainly all raw rookies straight out of the ghetto.

Watch the interview with Obie on ticat's tv it might change your opinion a little bit.

I'm afraid I'm at the "Show Me" stage. I certainly hope that all of you who are hopeful for the team to give a good account of itself this season are right.

We've suffered a long time as fans and some skepticism for the 2008 season is normal.

On paper, we look like a playoff contender and I truly hope we are.

Of all our recent acquisitions, I think Obie and Rambo reflect our best, until some of the new playing personnel and assistant coaches prove that they are up to the task as well.