The Summing Up - The Shocking Truth

These longs years of complete ineptitude in Hamilton, continuing to this very moment can be summed up - and put into perspective - by one shocking statement (shocking, at least, for all those that remember the odious, vindictive crackpot himself)...

Harold Ballard, and his employees, did an infinitely better job fielding successful Ticat teams (constituted with a number of interesting personalities) that all the lamebrains of record that followed, of whom O'Billovich is the latest standard-bearer.

8) Without good old Pal Hal rescuing this team when he did, we wouldn't even have a team here today !!
 Nobody else wanted to buy this team at all.

 Ballard at least won us a Grey Cup during his tenure as owner, and in reality he was one of the best owners this team has ever had  !!!          <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->

I don't find it shocking at all. Harold Ballard was merely one in a long line of people who paid real money for the team and kept it afloat when it was at risk of financial failure.

Unlike the situation with the Leafs, he didn't interfere in daily football operations. He was smart enough to know that he didn't know much about the football business. He he had Joe Zuger as General Manager, and Al Bruno as head coach, with some Leafs execs handling the financial issues. Those were competent people, and we had good teams as a result through the 80s.

Ballard confined himself to pulling stunts like packing up the team equipment to send it to Toronto to back up his threat to move to Varsity Stadium, so he could wring a better stadium lease deal from the city. By the way, he succeeded.

Those were the days...

Ballard was a great owner here but he wasn't the biggest supporter of the CFL. In league meetings he kept putting forth a proposal to change the game to 4 downs! (read more in the book "The Passing Game")

We need more owners with character that don't mess with day to day operations.

8) Those were the days is right !!!
 I had some just halarious times back then, going on some TiCat road games and just sitting down and chatting with Ballard and his sidekick King Clancy in hotel lobbies and restaurants  !!

 Classic times indeed  !!            <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Classic times??????

Go back and look at the win-loss records, he almost destroyed this team.

He had an average attendance of 24,500 per game and then he threatens to move the team and the attendance never went past 20,000.

We would win the last few games of the season, make it into the playoffs and go to the Grey Cup. We were 1 and 8 at Labour Day, 1986. (thank God there was no cross-over back then)

He had a losing record during the time he owned the team and then......HE WALKED AWAY

But there was no salary cap back then, Ballard and other owners could bring in whoever they wanted.
Look at how Montreal was destroyed after they brought in Feragamo, Overstreet and a few other high priced under achieving NFL players.

8) If you had taken the time to read my post, you would have realized that he Classic Times I was referring to was the memorable times I had in conversation with Harold and King Clancy !!
 But since you chose to quote stats from that era, I would suggest you get your facts straight before putting them in print !!

 You stated that in 1986 we were 1-8 going into the Labour Day contest.  Actual fact is that the Cats were 3-8 going into the Labour Day game, where we trounced the Als 42-7 that day  !!

 Harold Ballard was in fact the first TiCat owner that offered up a 1 million dollar contract  to a player, that being Jimmy Edwards !!

 Mr. Ballard, as you claim did not Walk Away from this team, he in fact sold the team to David Braley  in 1989 !!

 Plain fact is, that if Harold Ballard had not purchased this down and out team when he did, the TiCats would not exist today, because no one else would touch this franchise to save it back then  !!

 Whether you like it or not, that is the simply and factual truth  !!!

 By the way, Ballard's win-loss record as an owner, is fantastic compared to this team in the last 5 years, no comparison at all  !!

I Missed Ballard