The Stubler Influence

And he is still interested in coming back to the CFL

Several graduates of Rich Stubler's vaunted Argonauts defence move into coaching

By: Sean Fitz-Gerald, THE CANADIAN PRESS 25/02/2010


Mike O' Shea and Orlondo Steinauer were named by the Argos as assistant coaches.

Kavis Reed, who played for Stubler in Edmonton before working alongside him in Toronto,
has been hired by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers as defensive co-ordinator and assistant head coach.

Former Argo Michael Fletcher has signed on to become a high school coach in Los Angeles.

All those guys have first hand experience on how NOT to do it :lol:

Stand by Rich,
When Marshall gets his well deserved HC opportunity we will need a D-Coach.

I think O'shea will make a great d-coordinator and head coach someday, as much as i hate him i still respect what he's done. He was never physically gifted but he made up for it by being one of the smartest line backers to ever play in this league.

Yep, so make sure your sched is free by 2015 Rich lol

O'shea was probably in the top 3 of nonimport mlb,s in CFL history, the idea he was not "physically gifted" is a stretch.

Yea I was questioning that myself. Not the way I remember it. Smart for sure, not physically gifted. :roll:

Yes he is in the top 3, football is a thinking mans sport, are you saying he was one of the fastest line backers as well? The guy was super slow but made up for it by always being in the right place at the right time, which was due to film study and being a great student of the game.

O'Shea is not physically gifted?? What are you bench pressing??

O'Shea certainly extended his career by being a student of the game, but people didn't talk about lack of speed until the tail end of his career. He didn't go 4rth overall in the CFL draft and get NFL attention by having weak measureables.

For sure, he had to have some sort of speed coming out of university.