The Strike is coming May 15th

The CFL is in a legal strike position in Ontario on May 15th.

Training camps will start on time. But don't expect them to finish on time
We're going to see a work stoppage both the Players Association and the owners are too far apart

If you've been reading 3 down Nation and keeping an eye on TSN is saying you could see it coming there going a work stoppage. the CFL Can't get out of it way to say itself.

There video with Farhan Lalji above this news .

could this be the end of the CFL as we know it?


who in their right mind would demand as an employer a 10 year contract...who in their right mind as a worker would sign one.... and that boys and girls is just the tip of the iceberg as to what the owners demand


It’s all just posturing and negotiating while the time lapses towards the deadline when the real work begins.

People are crying foul over the owners ridiculous 10 year CBA with no ratio and no cap increase. There was zero chance that this was what they wanted or expected, they just set the goalpost WAY out there so they had a starting point with tons to give back. They’ve already moved off those positions yesterday and they’re back at the table today.

The sharing of those details was done by the CFLPA. Did you notice they didn’t share the details of their own proposal? I’m sure it was equally preposterous. Probably something like an immediate 20% cap increase, a $20k increase in minimum salaries, 100% guaranteed contracts, health coverage for the life of any injury, less practice time, and more. Many CFL fans probably think that would actually be a fair get for the players, but it would bankrupt the league in a blink. There’s definitely a limit to the philanthropy of our rich owners.

Both sides start these discussions with asinine requests and it takes real timeline pressure to find their way to the middle. I’m not saying there won’t be a stoppage, just that what we’re hearing now is real and unfortunately necessary part of the process.


Somewhat agree but when party sets the goalpost so freaking far away you know the expectations are for the other party to capitulate


Must say I agree, as I've said before, I was in a union for 38-ish years every 3-5 years we would go through the Same thing. Breakdown of negotiations, declare legal strike or lockout invoke cooling off period. Only went on strike 4 days once in all that time.

The real negotiations happen in the last hours. Just like an online auction, why would you offer a large bid to start when there's 10 days left.

A strike / lockout hurts everyone, the bigger you are the more you loose.
TSN, $$$$$
CFL, $$$$
Advertisers, $$$
Owners, $$
Players, $¢

Of course the pain affects everyone in the exact opposite order. The less you have the more it hurts!


Maybe the owners like Pain ..

All owners try to break unions....


Luckily the CFLPA understands that the CFL has unlimited revenue streams and will certainly still be thriving long after they strangle it with a long drawn out strike. Those guys are fricken brilliant.

Who knows
Maybe just maybe the same old reps from the League in
Scott Mitchell and Wade Miller will just use the same negotiating tactics they have used for the last decade.
Maybe just maybe those Union negotiators are more prepared because they have seen that play out before!
I know that is alot of maybe's

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Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong & maybe they left. lol :no_entry_sign: :football::question:

As Liam Lynch would say: "Whateva."

I think it is a lot of posturing on both sides. (I hope)

I'm so excited for a full season. I don't want to see anything get cut short.


Dear cflpa, you cant get blood from a stone

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Me neither. Let's get on with it already.

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Get on with it FFS…. Nobody wins in this standoff.

The league is driven by TSN and the gate.

Piss fans off for any reason and both will lose.

Snap the ball, give the viewers and fans something to get excited over and get going.

The longer this goes on the less empathy for both sides.

Too much instability in COVID demands more coming out of it.

Agreed, this is posturing at this point but enough is enough.


At $65k league min I'm happy to let them fight for every dollar they can get.


If there were to be a strike/lockout I can’t see it going any more than a week or two. Players can’t really afford to lose game cheques but I wouldn’t mind seeing them getting back some concessions from the owners, whether it’s on
guaranteed contracts, health coverage, minimum salaries etc. They won’t gain much but at this point maybe even status quo is a victory.


Cflpa cares more about the growth of the game then cfl does .CFLPA helped a player successfully run a football camp cfl didnt .


Ridiculous. The league has an ongoing interest in developing all aspects that result in growth and revenue. The players want to maximize cash out for one year.