The Stretch Run

Mostly Divisional games from here on out.

How do you see things shaking out over the final four weeks?

I would LOVE to see Hamilton win the East but they’d need to sweep the 2 remaining head to head games and that’s a long shot.

It is possible to take first with a split of those two games, but it would require Edmonton and Toronto to beat Ottawa.

So basically, yeah, we need the sweep. That, and a win over Toronto or Montreal, would get the Ticats the bye into the final.

I see the Als going 3-0 for their remaining games :wink:

Well, two of those games are against the Argos, so your prediction is very possible IMO. >:(

It’s not easy - If Ottawa loses BOTH games to Hamilton but wins against Edmonton and Toronto, Hamilton will need to win 3 of 4 - including the sweep of Ottawa so… Ottawa certainly has the inside track.

Tongue in cheek. :wink:

The results of this weekend will speak volumes about whether it’s a race.

Hamilton SHOULD beat Toronto and Edmonton could certainly beat Ottawa.

True; the advantage of being one game ahead and having won the first game.

But if Hamilton gets the sweep, they would have the inside track, because a win over Toronto or Montreal -- the two worst teams in the country -- would get them first place, no matter what Ottawa does.

Now how do you see things shaking out?

Final Standings


Hamilton..........11 - 7 - 0 - 22
Ottawa..............9 - 9 - 0 - 18
Montreal...........4 - 14 - 0 - 8
Toronto.............4 - 14 - 0 - 8


Calgary............13 - 5 - 0 - 26
Winnipeg.........11 - 7 - 0 - 22
B.Columbia......11 - 7 - 0 - 22
Saskatchewan.10 - 8 - 0 - 20
Edmonton........ 8 - 10 -0 - 16


East Semi-final : Saskatchewan @ Ottawa (Ottawa wins)
West Semi-final : B.Columbia @ Winnipeg (Winnipeg wins)

East Final : Ottawa @ Hamilton (Hamilton wins)
West Final: Winnipeg @ Calgary (Winnipeg wins)

Grey Cup @ Edmonton

Hamilton vs Winnipeg

I would think that HAM needs to sweep OTT, to host the East Final
A split would then mean that OTT would have to lose to TOR and I wouldn't think they would lose that game of such importance.
And HAM would need to beat MTL
If Hamilton sweeps OTT,
they would clinch 1st in the East and they would not need to beat MTL in the final week.
If OTT wins any 2 of their next 3 games, they clinch 1st in the East

I’ll bet 1,000,000 this doesn’t happen.

Don’t bet something you don’t have.

Anyway, the standings are so close for the teams that can still make the play-offs that pretty much any scenario is possible. Bobo’s prediction is as likely as any other (at this point in time anyway).

How do you know how many grains of sand I have in the sandbox out back?


If Calgary beats Winnipeg this week, then the Bombers @ Esks game will have a playoff berth riding on it.

Yep, thats the ticket.

BC is on a hot streak so I suspect they'll win out.

The Slumpeeders might be forced to start B-L Mitchell when they thought they were home and cooled out for the western final.

In fact, I think its 90% certain Mitchell will start for the Slumps - only get pulled if the bombers lay an early lickin' on them - or vice-versa.

Edmonton has home street advantage vs. Bombers. If Bombers go down to Calgary they'll need to win or tie (points differential give them the tie-breaker) to advance to 3rd in West - or crossover. No home playoff game for bombers this season - even if they sweep their final 2 games!

In the West…

A Rider w guarantees them second. If Calgary loses out they are in first. A Rider loss gives Calgary first.

BC needs to win out to have a shot at second.

If BC wins out and Winnipeg wins out Sask gets second, Winnipeg third and BC crosses over.

If Winnipeg loses both games and Edmonton wins both, Winnipeg is eliminated with Edmonton in the crossover.

It’s become very easy in the East: If Hamilton wins out, and Ottawa loses to Toronto, Hamilton is in first; otherwise, Ottawa is.
Hamilton could win their last two, but I wouldn’t bet a nickel on Toronto beating Ottawa. So looks like my Cats will have to win an extra game to get to the Grey Cup.