The Stretch Run

Since Labour Day is over now, the real CFL season starts. With 7 games left, anything can happen in the CFL. I wouldn’t say the first half of the season doesn’t mean anything but it’s the stretch run that will determine the contenders from the pretenders.

Lions, Stamps, Riders, Argos are hot NOW and Esks, Als, Bombers and Ticats are not but imagine if the 4 hot teams tank and the 4 struggling teams pick it up. The standings could change drastically.

What are your predictions for the stretch run?

LDC isn't quite over yet, still got the Banjo Bowl and round 2 of the Battle of Alberta, and GHC.

The holiday referred to as labour day is however, over....

I was actually just noticing that theoretically, the esks could win out and have an 11-7 record.. not necessarily likely, but obviously, it's possible.

I'd love to say the Riders keep winning, but if Joseph doesn't stop overthrowing his receivers by 15 yards, we might have a problem down the road.

I have to think that Calgary will end up in first place, especially if they can beat BC for once.

The only team that worries me is Calgary. While the Riders are hot, I don't think they're as good as the Leos, but the two Calgary games are going to be nail-biters. Other than that, I think the Leos are more than capable of winning the rest of their games.

I want, more than anything else, to see the Eskies out of the playoffs this year, but if they do manage to sneak in through the back door, that's OK...I'd find it hilarious for the Eskies to be representing the East... :smiley:

.....we'll split the upcoming series with BC so they'll take first place but with the same record...

My prediction:

BC 12-6
Cal 12-6
Ssk 10-8
Edm 5-13

Mtl 13-5
Tor 11-7
Wpg 7-11
Ham 2-16

..yes, that's correct, Hamilton will not win again.....

....The stamps will beat sask at home but lose to BC.....Toronto will beat Winnipeg at home then also beat Montreal in a crazy game that sees Don Mathews arrested in the third quarter for public exposure.....BC beats Toronto in the Peg in November...

Not as good as the Leo’s? Id like to remind you that Sask has beaten BC 2 out of 3 times this year, and they play in Regina for a 4th time, and you can expect the Riders to have their “A” game when this game is played… it should be a great game, no matter who wins.

Can't argue with you Red. I like your standings. The games with Calgary against BC will be awesome. Can't wait to see the game Oct 6 @ BC Place.

Looking forward to hosting Calgary in the Western Final! (Where anything can happen!)

My take on the Lions remaining 7 games

Lions of recent seasons have played the Stamps strong. Should be a split in their 2 meetings

Which Als team is gonna show up? The Als that have lost 4 straight or the refreshed Als that had a bye week?
Lions win.

Riders - Toss up? Riders play Lions tough and it's in Regina. Give Pierce the start and break Riders hearts like he did last year.

Hamilton - 2 games. Ticats will be a mystery. No matter how bad, Lions either blow them out or get into a shoot out with them. It's a split.

Bombers - Didn't have a healthy line up in first match up so this will be a test for the Lions.

well, with that, I think that WPG will put it all togerther in the playoffs and make a susprise run and beat Calgary or Saskatchewan in the Cup. :smiley:

Looking ahead, Calgary doesn't need to finish fist because of bye in final week. Probably BC beats Calgary one more time to finish first.

Currently, sportsbooks have BC as favorite to win the grey cup. Unlike previous years, this BC team is the best balanced in years. BC has the best combination of defense, offense, special teams and Canadian talent in the CFL. Playoff matchups favor BC as Calgary and Montreal almost always lose to BC.

Correction: Montreal almost always lose the Grey Cup game, period.

But you consistantly get there!

I bet a few Bomber & Rider fans would take that! :wink: :wink: :wink:

tell me about it, so BC is favored to win eh? well, the best Canadian talent will win you the Grey Cup, if only Taman would take note of that! :roll:

1- BC- 12-6
2- Calgary- 11-5
3- Saskatchewan- 9-9

1- Montreal- 11-7
2- Toronto- 10-8
3- Edmonton- 9-9

Winnipeg- 8-10
Hamilton- 4-14

I like your optimism TMac! Let's hope it works out.

...Edmonton 9-9?!....well, good luck with that.....

But Red, Just think of the fun your cousin R&W2005 would have with the Winnipeg posters if that happened! :wink:

Assuming everyone stays healthy…..

In the west, Calgary has a tougher remaining schedule. They play Toronto twice while BC gets to play Hamilton twice. I don’t think Calgary will sweep their series with BC but BC might sweep. They are both very good teams so odds are they split. Therefore:

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Edmonton

In the East:
Outside of Cahoon, I don’t think that the Als have the receiving core that they once had. Toronto at the start of the year is not the same team they are currently.

  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Hamilton.

In both divisions, playoffs are a whole different matter since anyone can win a one game sudden death.

Sambo: Very early in the season the Riders beat the Lions 2 out of 3 games. You appear to be saying that this indicates – at this point in the season - that the Riders are a better team than BC. Since the Riders are 0-1 against Edmonton, the logical extension of your argument is that the Eskimos must be a better team than the Riders at this point in time. When you consider that the Lions beat the Esks 2 out of 3, the conclusions drawn from this line of thinking hit the dumper where they probably belong.

Sporty! It would be heaven :lol: :lol:
The Bomberfans are scared very scared. They know if they do not beat the riders then they are just not good enough! And thats face it the Riders are playing very well! So this is a good measuring stick for the bomber team and their fans. But boy I am going out to catch crow for them right after that game! Thats see Hank likes wings, Piggy likes breast and well pappa will need it the meat ground up again because of those dentures! Sorry Dad I had to tell them the girls will be sorry disappointed!

The Bombers are not going to win many games down the stretch until the oline gets Sheridan and Goodspeed back or brings in another import like E. Wilson. It could be another 2 weeks before they win another game, so as long as the EE keep losing it doesnt really matter now does it.