The Streak had to End

The 'Cats were due to finally beat the Argos....looking at the Argo offence...I can't help but think Denny Creehan & his defensive staff really didn't have to do much work last week to prepare for the Argo "offence"........

Whatever...Man, this is professional football, and if you going to play this game, you had better be ready. No excuses. The ti-cats prepared and WON! The Toronto Argonuts are good football team, I do not think they laid down, they just got beat!! :cowboy:

Exactly. Let's give credit where credit is due here.

I was waiting for the "we beat ourselves" refrain. Happens all the time.

My Friend Abushed me with a Razor after the Game and took photo of it.

I hate not shaving so was nice feeling to shave it off..