The streak ends!

The streak ends at 2 years!

I was reading yesterday that the Edmonton Eskimos have made the playoffs. With the East crapping out, I think we all kind of figured we'd make it, but with the Toronto loss last night, it was made official.

We're in the playoffs! Where we end up remains to be seen. But who cares. The streak is over.

Whooo!!! :smiley:

Heh, you're close to MTL than most of us, planning on scalping a ticket into the GC if we do make the big show?

Nice to see this streak come to an end. After Fridays victory against the Lions I think that gives us the advantage against all teams in the west,just in case we are tied. but I sure have my sites set on first place overall.

If we do make it to the GC, I'd have no excuse not to go. :lol:

Thats the spirit Chief! From what I understand, the nightlife in MTL ain't too bad either, which oughta be good as far as post-GC victory celebrating is concerned. Unless its us defeating MTL, then you might want to hide your new hat.