The Storylines

There are so many storylines to this Grey Cup, it's just completely remarkable.

The Riders @home - The Riders fought tooth and nail and won the home playoff game, and it promises to be a crazy one in Regina.

The Return of Kent Austin - Kent Austin, the man who led the Riders to their last two Grey Cups, once as a QB once as a coach makes his return to Regina. PS: Fear Kent Austin's Stubble! viewtopic.php?f=5&t=86611

Cortez's Revenge? - George Cortez, Saskatchewan's OC got tossed aside in Hamilton in favour of Austin. You can bet he's looking for a little bit of payback.

Many Ex-Riders Return - In addition to Austin, several high profile ex-riders including Andy Fantuz, Lucca Congi and of course veteran QB Henry Burris.

A Tale of Two Cities - The Ti-Cats played their entire season away from home in Guelph, and you know hanging up a banner both at the University of Guelph and at the new Tim Horton's Field would be incredible.

From Worst to Possible First - The Ti-Cats finished in the basement last year, this year there was a dramatic shift in the team's play, consistency and performance. If anyone deserves coach of the year, it's Kent Austin.

The Great Rematch - Two of the greatest Grey Cups ever played, the 1989 and the 1972 Grey Cups will be rematched in this year's cup.

Defeat of the ex-champs - Both Saskatchewan and Hamilton ranked second in their division, both took the long route through the semis to get to the cup, and both took out their division's 1st place team and reigning champions to get there.

The Last Cup at Taylor Field - Saskatchewan plans on building a new stadium in the near future, and with Winnipeg, Hamilton and Ottawa getting new stadiums, were are likely looking at the last Grey Cup played at Taylor Field.

Can anyone else think of any other storylines?

Not to mention that the price of watermelon has sky rocketed on the black market in Regina. What is going on? :frowning:

Also rumor has that a certain Calgary player has a front row seat near the 55 yard line and plans to wear his football pants at about the knees. The rumor has yet to be confirmed. I wonder if he'll get TSN air time?

P.S. by the way hammer I love your signature line! :thup:

Thanks Beagle. I got one for every team...although I'm gonna need a new one for the RedBlacks.

Shomari Williams is another ex Rider, although he's on the injured list I thought he deserved mention.