The Steeltown Network!

I liked Chris Davis alot before tonights game.


Now he's one of my favorites!!!!

"The Steeltown Network!"

I am not a Hamiltonian yet I loved it too!
I wore my jersey and hat all day today. At the end of tonight's game all I could do was pump my fist and yell,"YES! YES! YES! WAY TO GO CATS!"

Was a Very Cool Thing to say

I'm not from Hamilton either. But I also wore my jersey and hat and my nerves throught that last quarter almost killed me! hahaha

But Chris Davis is awesome... great comment by him!

8) I was told that Chris Davis also made a comment regarding St. Petersburg and Tampa Fla. during the game last night.
  I know that Chris went to High School in St. Pete, and I was just curious as to what he said to the TSN camera when they zoomed in on him after his touchdown  !!!

  Any one know  ???

I spent some tlime poking around looking for the TSN tape but could find nothing. So, tell me, what did he say?

It was something like: "I came all the way from Tampa/St. Pete's....."

What are you guys talking about?

After Chris Davis scored his TD he ran up to the camera and yelled "THE STEELTOWN NETWORK!"

yea as an Acronym for TSN,


Kewl. Sounds like guys are happy to be here on this team. That's a nice change.