The State of Toronto and Hamilton

Note: For the record, I lost my password, sent in for a new one awhile ago (like months) and just got one now, so that's why I've been away.

"It seems the tables have turned, Mr. Powers."

The words of Dr. Evil correctly describe me vs you guys. For years at team so defunct and in disarray has finally turned the tables and started playing better football. The Cats are on the right path, and they will get better with time. They've spanked my Argos twice this year and looked like Grey Cup Champs in the process. I haven't been here to comment on those games, and just wanted to say that you guys laid a beating on us like I never would have imagined.

I can't post too much about my Argos because if I did, I'd get banned. The Bishop trade was just the icing on the cake for me. I said it during last year's playoff loss that that would be the beginning of a huge downward slide, and it seems like I was right. The coach is lost, the defensive co-ordinator is an absolute dolt and the team is slow. Great. They now trade a player who offers the team a spark and one with whom the players love for a conditional pick in 2011? Essentially it's now Joseph/2011 pick for Bishop/2 O-Linemen......and our O-Line sucks.

Words I thought I'd never say:

Thank God I'm a Cardinals fan!

I now know what it's been like the past few years as a Ti-Cat fan.......I only wish I had thrown in a few more jabs when I had the chance:)


Keep the faith TOFAN. I doubt the blue team will be down for long.

Let's see......first Vanderjadt is angry at the organization......then Bishop says they lied, and now they outright release Steinauer for nothing.....a leader on the team.

I do not like what management is doing and more importantly HOW they're doing it.

I know people joke around about the Argos being classless (and I know some will say they're not kidding), but I'm seeing this first hand now.

angry player can come back to bite!.Oh yah this is the "the lets chat at the pregame practice about where we are eating after the game league!" This why teams like us are spit on and laughed at!:wink: