The stat of the game...and probably of the season: Field Position

This. But why? Lack of discipline? Coaching? Maybe Westerman is some kind of Trojan horse.

Westerman is overly aggressive bordering on crossing the line many times.

Two of Westerman's penalties in the last two games were bad calls.

Not sure what games you have been watching. Westerman is in the backfield almost every play, pressuring the QB. And he has been a force against the run. That's why he has now supplanted Capiciotti (who has been invisible this year) for playing time at Rush End.

Definitely. I expect another apology for that call. Murphy totally blew it there. That was not a horse collar tackle as defined in the rule book.

8)Excuse me, I know exactly what games I have been watching.....obviously you don't !!

Westerman in the backfield almost every play you say and been a force against the run ??

I guess that's why Harris rambled through our D Line with easy Friday night .
Exactly how many QB sacks has this former all star gotten since he joined the Cats anyway, since
he is supposed to be a rush end specialist ::slight_smile: :-[

You're absolutely right Tipper, so far Westerman has been a penalty not sack machine. ::slight_smile: Lets hope that changes real soon. :wink:

I thought this was a really interesting thread that got side-tracked with talk of Jamal Westerman's many penalties.

For all the arguing over JM and whether to fire Jones, field position has been a problem from day 1 (Before Westerman got here). It has been shockingly bad.

To be honest, I can't name our special teams coach off the top of my head. Are we over loooking the biggest problem?

I would sit Westerman for the next game. He really does come as advertised. Undisciplined in the worst times. This guy is a coach killer. People were warning about bringing him here for this very reason and they were right. Westerman needs to stop killing us.

I can't either. Some (Frank Ganz?) guy or something like that who I think had a stint in the NFL as some kind of coach there... but what a difference after Reinbold got away. Still scratching my head over that move..

his D was literally one of the worst in the history of the league. Great special teams coach. Horrendous D coordinator.,

Like I said earlier he is overly aggressive playing on the edge to the point of crossing it on every play. ;D

It's difficult to tell if it is the ST blocking schemes or just a lack of player talent. Reinbold had the benefit of guys like Beswick and Eric Harris running around the field during kickoffs and punts. Regardless of who is to blame, it would be nice if Tillman and Jones actually did something about it.