The stat of the game...and probably of the season: Field Position

We can blame Jones, Masoli, D, Refs, ST for tonite and our overall record...but until we get this figured out, any other changes will be useless:

Hamilton Drive Starts Tonite: H35 (yard line), H26, H29, W55, H35, H6, H10, H19 - average starting point, our own 25 yard line, and 3 times inside our 20 (all during that second quarter where we did nothing)

Winnipeg Drive Starts Tonite: W28, H50, H26, W39, W45, W46, W35, H48 - average starting point, is their own 50 yard line, and three times on our side of midfield.

Right off the bat, their field is 25 yards shorter than ours...and as we know, and the coaches on here can confirm, your offense that you run from inside your own 20 is different from the one you run from your own 50.

I know a lot of things contribute to this - ST, TO's, play calling, PENALTIES...but until we start to even this out, this is what we are going to get

The stat of the game 13 penalties for 134 yards, 3 15 yarders from Westerman, O-line in crucial last series of the game 2 procedures and lack of ability to stop even a fairy. there are many more bad stats from a poorly coached team.

Time for Orlondo Steinauer to come in sooner then later to help out this predictable offence.

Medlock schooled our kicker tonight on the art of pinning punt returners.

Even if he just kicked it straight to the returner instead of the corner it wouldn't matter since our ST blocking schemes don't work.

Three punt returns, 0 yards total, long of 1.

Anyone expecting miracles from Chris Williams may not have noticed that since his spectacular 2012 season with 5 punt return TDs (and a 14.3 yard average!), he has scored exactly zero, with a long of 22. Not that it's his fault - others haven't had much more luck for us this year.

We had Jim Daly as STC back then. Wonder if he could be lured back to the old boy's club?

Excellent analysis/point. If we had an absolute ELITE QB and a fabulous supporting team, bad starting field possession wouldn’t be a problem but, WE DON’T!

Going back to last season too. The Jones Masoli duo cant get it done.

  1. Jamal Westerman has been basically invisible on the D Line since we got him, aside from getting
    stupid penalties !!

For an all star player, he has certainly disappointed so far here in Hamilton ::slight_smile:

Ludicrous statement... no team has an elite QB AND a fabulous supporting team. There is not a club in the CFL that would have success with the starting field position we have been getting all year.

You are kidding , right? "elite QB & fabulous supporting team" must be dreaming of a "perfect scenario" which just isn't possible. Football is full of variables at all positions. We have a top notch QB and a good defense...a little work on the O-line and special teams we will be very good.

Too true!

Consensus was that the 'Cats got the better of that deal. Well, neither Westerman or Williams have shown much since they arrived.

Westerman is garbage. He's got nothing between the ears. His reputation for taking skull crushing penalties hasn't taken much of a beating in Hamilton. Worst trade the Cats have made this year. I'm sorry the Cats brough his problem ass in here.

The starting field position is quite the stat... But lots of other variables before we can just blame it on one thing.

  • where is our average punt coming from? Are we moving the ball AT ALL out of our own end? Just takes one drive to flip the field.

  • Jones conservative US playcalling. Draw plays on 2nd and 10, happy to punt.

  • is our punter and special teams not allowing us to flip the field with poor punts and coverage?

Showing average starting position is nice and helps zero in on one issue, but there's alot of factors that go with it.

We moved the ball on the first drive 76 yards for a TD. I'm not sure anyone can do that every drive. Our punter never flips the field nor do returners. We give up generous returns due to bad punt coverage and poor punt placement.

So you want Manziel back?
Give back the 2 first round picks??

To be fair, one of those penalties, the horse collar. was completely BS.

I say Calgary does and have had for a long time now!! :o

Well maybe yes...well until the Grey Cup anyway?