The Starting Dozen............


O Line LT-Dan Goodspeed, LG-Matt Sheridan, C-Obby Khan, RG-Val St.Germain, RT-Mike Abou Mechrek

QB & RB QB-Kevin Glenn, RB-Charles Roberts

Receivers WR-Chris Brazzell, SB-Milt Stegall, SB-Andrae Thurman, SB-Quentin McCord, WR-Jamie Stoddard

--None of these players surprises me at all, but i am interested to see whether or not glenn can show us he should be the starter, and i cant wait to see if thurman and mccord live up to the hype that theyve been given

              [b]Defence [/b]

D Line DE-Tom Canada, DE-Gavin Walls, DT-Doug Brown, DT-Ron Warner

Linebackers OLB-Ron Ockimey, MLB-Barrin Simpson, OLB-Ike Charlton

Secondary CB-Omar Evans, CB-Stanford Samuels, HB-Anthony Malbrough HB-Kelly Malveux, S-Donnovan Carter

--what surprises me the most is stanford samuels starting at corner, cuz i didnt see this comming. it should be a good fit for him there because he was a regular starting and gritty corner in college. i thought that they were gunna keep carter at LB and start ian logan, but i guess i was wrong, well have to see if carter brings us his former all star play at his natural position. at lb i think i like ockimey, but charlton is a question mark because of his size, but it is a given if hebert is willing to play for us he would be a starter in 1 of those spots. it is easy for me to say that the dline is gunna be one of if not the best dlines in the league, ron warner will be a beast along side another beast doug brown

One mistake in your starting dozen … Berry has announces that AJ3 is starting at reciever in place of either McCord or Stoddard on Thurs Vs. The Als … Have to see if he still has it at reciever …


exactly wut i was gunna say. Quentin McCord isnt a better eciever than AJ III. I also doubt those 2 outside linebackers will be starting too.

I like the look of our secondary and receivers....lets hope they find the right guys for OLB or that Hebert gets his butt up here soon....

I hope AJ does start at receiver, but im not sure about the outside linebacker...but if hebert does come and play which i doubt, hes a lock for 1 of those spots

....i don't think the experimenting is over....we still have a few questions far as receivers go....McCord looks like he has got a lot going for him...except for the case of the dropsies in the last Mont. pre-...and AJ 3 is definitely a bona-fide go to guy....i also think he's the best return guy...but you have to take a pounding on that gig...he may have to be the man doing both...or maybe McCord can be slotted in as punt returner....just an example of how this team is still not set.....but all the pieces look to be there....its just a matter of who fits where best....goBigBlue :thup: