The Start Time for Monday a Pain

CBC has big bucks ???? :?

Later start is so all the Ti Cat fans out here in the west Coast arent drinking beer for breakfast. Go crazy stay up past ten, let your hair down and kids do nothing the first day of school anyway. :thup:

it was always so much better when the ticats game started at 1pm eastern and the edmonton game started at 2pm their time so by the time you got home from the first game you could watch the second on TV. now....?

I've been told that it was the folks who take part in the Labour Day parade who complained in the past that the two events were too close together (traffic-wise and time-wise). This being Hamilton, it makes sense on Labour Day of all days to consider their opinion.

so wait a second i must have missed something when did the game time change is it still 5:45?? I have to stop napping at work you can miss soo much

So much optimism. I love it!!

An Argo fan

I imagine the game is late due to Mac Playing @ 2:00 PM

Mac is playing at York on Labour Day. People complaining about the game starting at 6:00 p.m., it wasn't that long ago that they used to start the games at 8:00 p.m. and the stands would be full including school kids.

too true, my dad would always forget about the parade (coming in from Brantford) and we'd get stuck in massive traffic.

you can only remind someone about something so many times.....