The Start Time for Monday a Pain

anyone else have this problem being a school night and all?

I can't even find any of our friends who can go because the game is so late.

Is this late start planned in the hopes that cottagers will not be inconvienced on their labour day fun?

This really screws things up for alot of parents , I'm guessing. :frowning:

I wouldn't be too worried about it...
Just don't buy a 50/50 ticket and you'll be home by half-time. :roll:

oh come on, kids don't learn anything on the first day of school anyway. :wink:


Not me.....I don't but 50/50 tickets but I'll stick around because I enjoy watching my team get the ever-loving **** beat outta them.

My prediction for Monday:

Argos 35 - Cats 1.... half time.

That’s it stay positive.

Work would prevent me from going if it wasn't at this time.

Honestly, who is positive (or optimistic or happy or excited or anything not negative) with what this team has to offer?

Not me.....can you honestly say you're in a positive frame of mind right now? If so, what are you on and where do I get some?

BTW, the game time is fine if you ask me. There is no good time to watch this team play.

true. :lol:

does anyone know why the switch from afternoon to evening?

My guess is to accomodate the West. When we used to play earlier I don't think they got the TV audience from the West for our game because it would have been late morning early afternoon out West when we played.

Makes no sense. You want to see the whole game....don't you.

Agreed. It is a bad time for a game.
From a grassroots perspective you want families to attend a long standing tradition like the LabourDay game. Starting it late on a school night makes no sense. I've had the exact same response from my friends.

It's been like this for the past couple of years. Let's put the game back to early afternoon and be home by 6:00pm.


If you’re worried about it being late, just be glad it’s not 7:00.

I've done a few Labour Day Classics at Ivor Wynne, and the one semi-gripe I had with the 1pm starts was that people coming in on the GO Bus had to take a detour because of the Labour Day Parade along Main St. The later start time avoids that slight traffic headache, but putting it on after the Stamps/Eskimos tilt seems a lil ridiculous to me. Start the game at 4, then the CBC can switch to the starting Battle of Alberta clash around 7.

I like the night games better...but the late afternoon will do.

Better than early afternoon. Who wants to be home with the kids the night before school?? :? :lol:

I think I would prefer a 3:00 o'clock start on Labour Day.

I think 1pm to 4pm would be better for the kids and the old guys like me who have to go to work in the morning[03:30].

It's all about what CBC wants, they are paying the biggest bucks. Not much we, the fans who want to go to the games, can do.