The Start of the NFL to Canada?????

I noticed at last nights game, the Officials seemed to be wearing an NFL style Jersy, wider stripes, different style of numbers.

Okay you conspiratists...First the Buffalo Bills in Toronto, CFL Officials wearing NFL Jersey's, what is next? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Keep a close watch on the footballs.

and I have been telling them for years now to move the goalposts back to the end of the endzones :twisted:

Marty York reports that the Officials gear was purchased through the Ted Roger's Clothing For Men.

It's a plot I tell ya! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

IF we hear the Star Spangled BAnner before each CFL game, then we know there's something up.

I am an american living in the southeastern US and I say keep the GREAT CFL just as it is.I hope the NFL stays south of the border :smiley:

Thamks Man. We hope so too.

It can't be all bad, maybe they'll adopt the NFL's philosophy about making better calls and leaving us with less controversy :slight_smile:

I don't know about that. I remember watching Buffalo games when Flutie was playing for them, and some of the calls I witnessed were atrocious and almost laughable. .

I actually think the NFL referees do have a better looking uniform. They just seem to have a bit more of a professional look. But I do hate the black pants you sometimes see the NFL referees wear. Now that looks cheesy.

I can't believe we're only into preseason and the referees are already being criticized.
Just a warning, there will be bad calls in the CFL, NFL, and college ball this year. Remember you heard it hear first. :smiley:

I would just like to see teams take fewer penalties over all this year by playing more disciplined football. Especially stupid penalties such as procedure and offside. Twenty or more penalties a game is just too many, but the refs have to call 'em if they see 'em.

i was just reading schultz vs. the world for this week... he put
"For the first time in 31 years, the CFL season opens in Hamilton. Kinda odd, isn't it? But hopefully it's a sign of a better year than the 3-13 record of 2007. "

looks like theyre slowly trying to change the schedule... :?

I do think that without a strong Hamilton in the league, the CFL in southern Ontario could end up with big problems. There needs to be excitement in Hamilton to the point where it will climax with a major reno of IWS or probably a new stadium and with a team that wins more that what the Cats have been doing. If the Cats have a couple more years like they’ve had, not good for anyone, a lot of Cat fans will start spending on the Bills in Toronto or Buffalo. And then that’s the end of it, in southern Ontario anyways unless the Argos move to BMO and create a buzz.

You are right Earl, we need BOTH the Argos and Ti-Cats to be strong!

Yup Sports. And while I live in Hamilton and love the Cats, season ticket holder, I'm not sure this team is going to win any time soon. I think it might be best, easier, for the buzz if the Argos start making plans to play out of an expanded BMO or whatever and a TFC thing. Quite honestly actually although I hate crapping on my Cats though. But both strong would be best as you say for sure.

The new uniforms have a two inch stripe instead of the one inch, all black sleeves (NOT like the NFL), a black stripe on the side of the pants with a black pocket flap(NOT like the NFL). They also have a one piece sock. They still retain the black hat for the referee (NOT like the NFL) They do not have a cold weather pant (NOT like the NFL) but I think they need them.

Geez Ned,You blew my fear mongering all to pieces with a common sense explanation.

[b]Don't be fooled by slower-than-expected ticket sales for the exhibition game. The NFL is what Toronto fans want.

As one CFL owner has said, "What would it cost to build a new football stadium to house an NFL team in Toronto, $900-million? Do you think you could find 30,000 people willing to pay $30,000 for seat licenses to watch the team? I do. That's $900-million."

During one of our pre-game shows last season, Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, who has long-time ties to Edmonton, said the NFL would help to ease the Bills' impact. He was short on details, and, since then, the working agreement between the two leagues has ended. There have been vague comments about a plan to ensure the Argonauts can co-exist with the Bills, but nothing concrete.

How long will Cynamon and Sokolowski wait? That's the big question. If they decide to leave, the CFL may have just two choices: Run the Argonauts themselves or ask the NFL to step in and save the franchise. The first idea nearly bankrupted the entire league when it was tried with the Ottawa Rough Riders. If it comes to option two, what a painful moment that will be.[/b]

Eliotte Friedman in the National Post

He's correct in this article saying the Blue Jays had a major impact on the Argos in Toronto, albeit he used the word 'kill' which is not accurate of course. What he failed to mention was that the Blue Jays will need a new stadium at some point if the NFL succeeds as Rogers will make the RC more and more football friendly and less baseball ie. 60,000 for a start. Since no new NFL stadium is on the way too soon.

There is no way Earl that even in this wannabe US city, that you are going to find 30,000 people to ante up.
Heck you can even sellout these games after we "were told" it was going to be a slam dunk and would be instant, a matter of minutes. Like buying tickets to a rock concert on line.
I say not all of the people in the city are as stupid as we think.

I agree argotom because if they could find these 30,000 people to ante up this much money, then the NFL team would be bigger than the Leafs without question and I don't think anyone actually thinks that is the case or could be the case.
Really, it would make more sense for Rogers to do this with a baseball-only facility, they already have more baseball fans in Toronto area than NFL fans I think.