The start of losing the PANAM Games

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Here we go, next announcement will be a stadium in the area to support these events. Bye-Bye PANAM and our new stadium. What should have been a huge success story is becoming a huge disaster. Something needs to be done NOW!

Sadly all that is left to do is see to it that Fred and the gang are punished at the polls and hope that an investigation occurs that will answer once and for all the question about whether there were abuses of power or criminal activity and who if anyone the culprits are

Anyone surprised ? The only question is will there be a stadium built west of Toronto that can house the Ticats.

To me, this is good news. I’d rather have NO stadium than build at the West Harbor and have an empty stadium. I’ve come to the realization that maybe the CFL is beyond Hamilton, or atleast Hamilton’s politics anyways. :thup:

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York University media release Aug 23 2010

York signs letter of intent regarding 2015 Pan Am Games

Read this and weep Tiger Cat football fans.. our stadium is slipping away.

TORONTO, August 23, 2010 -- York University, already a venue for tennis at the Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games, is in discussions with organizers

regarding the construction of a stadium on its Keele campus
that would host track & field events during the Games.

... the University may discuss hosting additional events on York’s Keele campus.

and then could the stadium be used by the Argos?

Well they moved the track and field events so that the could insure that it wouldn't be thorn out after the games, got to think football is not in the cards...

The only thing slipping away is Fred Eisenberger's career. Larry will right this thing if you give him the chance.

People forget that Mayor Fred went to New York City to have a secret meeting with Gary Bettman without letting anyone on City Council know..........see a pattern here?

Quiet frankly, I've been expecting to loose the games for a while and wouldn't be surprised if there's others who were thinking the same way. This seems very expected.

Larry is a convicted felon and that is actually how Fred got Fingered for the mayors office. How is Larry an upgrade not just more of the same Kat? I've been talking to a few friends and we came up with a plan. Vote for the pot head. We know that he can be arrested on any given day.

For sure Deer

Yes Beast many have openly suggested this for months

Thread should be titled The End of the PanAm Games.

I wonder if David Miller will open his yap and say that building a stadium at York is "1970s American thinking" and will try to scuttle it. My guess is, as stupid as Miller has been since he became mayor in 2003, he'll keep his mouth shut and take the money. Proving once again that Fred is an idiot.

If this comes to pass (Hamilton losing another stadium opportunity), the history of how Hamilton has been "shafted" is quite interesting, amazing and rather sad.

We lost a previous Canadian CWGames (1994) bid because the head of Canadian CWG site selection committee at the time was from Victoria and SURPRISE, Victoria was selected even though IIRC a couple of competing cities (Ottawa and Hamilton) were rated by that same committee over Victoria (overruled by the head).

We lost the 2010 Commonwealth Games on the world stage thru corruption (amongst other things, a last second 6 figure bribe by India to voting members) and the fix being in to place the Games in Asia. Many with their eyes open and living in reality figured it was wrong-headed and would be a disaster and the proof seems to have reared it's ugly head (see recent stories re India's CWGames problems).

We lost the 2014 Commonwealth Games on the Canadian stage thru Federal (department) government interference (corruption?). Halifax was chosen as Canada's rep (though Hamilton was deemed the more winnable) due to a Sports Canada (the department that wanted city bidding reopened) study that wanted such major events to go to "facilities-challenged" areas of the country. Bureaucrats who drew up that report included the head of the Canadian CWG selection committee and the head of Halifax's CWG bid committee (no conflict there :roll: ). Of course Ontario hasn't hosted such a major event since, ironically, the British Empire Games in Hamilton in the '30s, now the CWGames, but that didn't count.

After winning the Canadian bid with lowball budget figures, Halifax withdrew at the last moment because SURPRISE, it found it couldn't pay the real costs of hosting the Games so Hamilton loses again. Supposedly CWG Canada didn't have time to submit 2nd place (cough) Hamilton.

Now, the PanAm opportunities are being flittered away by Fred and Gang (Freddie and the Dreamers, make that Nightmares) thru incompetence, politics, agendas, ideology and dare I hint at corruption, plus stupidity, intransigence, subterfuge, etc.

I would say make this into a movie but what producer would believe such a twisted, crazy plot? (Monty Phython come to mind)

He did not commit a felony and the judge agreed, they were simple clerical and accounting errors. I'm sure he regrets not having fought the charges more vigorously instead of not costing the taxpayers a long drawn out expensive trial. Besides, somebody show me one politician who can be compared to Snow White nowadays and I'll show you a gullible person. The difference between himself and Fred is that Larry has experience, knows what he's doing, is passionate about the Ticats, and has a knack for moving things along. All you got from Freddy was a whole lot of stagnation. This policital witchunt by ONE name maker, has cost the city so much in terms of progress, and national reputation, and Larry would NEVER even entertain the notion of throwing the baby out with the bath water. We're viewed as dysfunctional and politically incompetent. I'd say the witch hunt was well worth it.

fail. he was convicted. end of story

We need a viable option to Fred, not a criminal

I agree . Also the games are not the only thing we stand to loose .

Look up the definition of felony, Professor AKT.

spin it any way you want. Leisure Suit Larry is a convicted criminal. IMO he shouldn't even be eligible to run Thats why he lost last time. A lot of people agree with me

ummmmmmmmm........careful there AKT :roll:

the fact is the conviction is the reason Larry lost the election. You may not agree that it should be an issue but to deny it altogether is naive