.....The Stars aligned for Our Stadium..

...With the set-back announcement today, out of Regina ,regarding their proposed stadium..I have to take my hat off to David Asper for pushing our new venue until it got done... :thup: Seems like the folks over in the next province are going to be 'greener' than ever when they visit the Peg and see our new digs...Sask. might have to do a re-make of Mosaic to get anything new in riderville....Too bad it didn't work out for them but when you're depending on Harper and fed. funding :lol: ....well we know how that works out...It was fortunate that we got what we did from them for the new stadium...Guess we should feel fortunate :smiley:

..Reading Doug Brown today and his take on how a new facility should fit the Bombers..i get the feeling the players who are with the team in 2012 are in for something extra special....Brown put out a wish-list on what a player for this storied franchise would like...I'm pretty sure he's going to get most of what he's asking and that will go a long way in attracting future personnel to the BigBlue....The future looks good guys...We are fortunate :thup:

heres the super strange part about that also... the regina stadium is dead because they didnt get federal funding for it... we didnt either, the feds are putting that cash to the u of m... fact is, 430 million for regina... was never realistic in the first place.. we are building a brand new one for probably jjust over 200 million (after all is said and done). regina wanted one double that cost.. was never gonna happen.

....oh there were some in Sask. who said that the dome was the only way to go....Unrealistic...for sure....but it also wasted valuable time in getting a more viable venue on the front-burner....I will venture a guess that eventually the riders will get something done ...maybe a remake of Mosaic...It sure will be a far cry from the 'cadillac' they thought they were going to get...Maybe they will also lose a little of that smugness they seemed to have regarding our new stadium....some of their fans calling it 'bare-bones' hole in the ground :lol: :lol: I guess now that they have come back down to earth OUR stadium, such as it is :lol: would be a welcome sight in their neck of the woods :stuck_out_tongue:

They took a shot no problem with that and in fact I would not be surprised if a new proposal surfaces sooner than we might think

They took a shot at the best they could get and it didn't work out and I agree they probably have a fallback plan sitting around in case this longshot didn't go through. I'm sure they will get a pretty decent stadium under construction there eventually just minus the retractable roof. Bob Irving said the other day they had something like $100 million in government funding and over $100 million in private sector funding already in place. Not sure where he got the figures but if true it should build a decent facility.

The government funding has been set for quite a while - $80 million from the province and $20 million from the city. The $100 million private funding is not set as far as I know and it's supposed to be for naming rights and such. You hear that Saskatchewan Lotteries and a few hotels are going to put money in but I've never heard of anything actually being signed.

With the people wanting it and the political will, there is no doubt in my mind how Regina will still build its much needed dome stadium.
Also, the residents of the peg and Mr. Asper should be congratulated for moving ahead with your stadium.

i wouldnt say the stars aligned.. i would say.. THE manitoba government and city of winnipeg and the blue bombers STEPPED up and made it happen. sask has to do the same. NO FED funding for us.. why should they get any.. thats the thing here... if sask got 100 million or quebec or whoever really.. then would the feds have to give wpg 100 million also.. because well, u give to one place, u sorta kinda have to give to the other.

....The stars ARE...the Man. ndp govt....city of Wpg....Bomber brass.... and to a lesser extent David Asper (like it or not)It got done so the 'stars' did align...C'mon killer, i give you all kinds of literary license...how about a little for me...You just 'kill' me sometimes :lol: :lol:

touche :stuck_out_tongue: touche :stuck_out_tongue:

i hear ya man... the stars are indeed the man govt, and to a lesser extent david asper... cant believe some are upset he is on the board now.