The Stampeders fear Gainer

Apparently Gainer has been banned from this weekend's playoff game. Seems Calgary officials are worried Gainer will fire up the 15,000 Rider fans who will be in attendance.

....pffft, win a home playoff game and you can do what you want....that's the point of winning....this isn't about who is the politest....sheesh...

...what's next?...'oh, those evil stampeders are so evil they won't even let us play the game at Taylor Field, those babies'...

Who's Gainer?

"... win a home playoff game and you can do what you want." Ahhh yes that's what Calgary did last year against Edmonton? I believe you lost that HOME PLAY OFF GAME. Don't you mean you earned the right to host a home play off game. Because I don't remember the last time Calgary won a home play-off game.

actually, allowing the opposition's mascot is a time-honoured tradition in the CFL.
Edmonton and BC both allowed Gainer at their most recent playoff games in those cities.
I guess Calgary is worried...

The nerve of those Stamps.... :slight_smile:

I do think it's odd they don't want Gainer in the stadium, but it's their park, they're allowed to do whatever they want. Didn't think the Rider portion of the fans was really going to be that much of a concern to the Stamps. I know I didn't have to say which team I was cheering for when I bought my tickets, so I don't know how they'd know who's going to be there.

You actually started a topic on

Does that gopher throw or catch passes????

Get a grip!

Pretty sad when youre looking for a gopher to fire
up your fans.

:roll: :roll: :roll:

Your women are welcome, but leave
the rodents at home.

The Argos denied the Montreal Alouettes cheerleaders the right to be on the sideline last weekend. It was the annual Fan Train day, during which 400 Montreal fans made it to the Rogers Center on a train with the players and cheerleaders.

It was pretty cheap from Toronto, especially since the Ticats and Argos cheerleaders can always come at Molson-Percival and have a moment for a personnal routine on the field.

We've gotta care about those lovable stuffed creatures.

Calgary stamping out the gophers?
Rob Vanstone, The Leader-Post
Published: Tuesday, October 31, 2006
You are about to marvel at a monumental feat of investigative journalism – a gopher tale.

Gainer The Gopher has apparently been (gasp!) barred from McMahon Stadium for Sunday’s CFL playoff game between his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Calgary Stampeders.

The news was conveyed Monday by Terry Ennis, who first donned the mascot’s costume at a Roughriders home game 20 years ago.

One might expect Gainer to be devastated by his exclusion, but he is not inclined to crawl into a hole.

"I feel honoured,’’ Ennis said. "I think it’s a compliment when they don’t want you to come because you might get people going. That means that maybe it means something to somebody, so I’m thrilled and humbled by that.’’

Ennis was equally thrilled when he was contacted by a member of the Roughriders organization and asked whether Gainer wanted to go to Calgary.

"I got an e-mail saying, ‘The staff is on the bus. Are you ready to roll?’ ‘’ he recalled. "I said, ‘Let’s go!’

"Two days later, I got an e-mail from the same person, saying, ‘Sorry, Terry. Change of plans. The Calgary Stampeders are unwilling to let you into the stadium.’ ‘’

It has come to this. The very same franchise, which once opened its doors to the oft-convicted Lawrence Phillips, is now prohibiting a harmless mascot from entering the stadium.

What do these people have against oversized rodents?

The Stampeders’ rationale is unclear. A request for an interview with somebody in the Calgary organization did not elicit a response on Monday. Somehow, our favourite planet kept revolving.

"I inquired a little further and, in so many words, they said that Gainer would get the crowd into an unruly-type fashion,’’ Ennis said. "I guess they mean the Rider fans.

"I think what’s on their minds, really, is that the place is going to be a 50-50 split with the fans. They know Gainer’s reputation is that he gets the people going, obviously, and maybe that would happen in their park and maybe that would drown out their guy, Ralph The Dog, and give us a bit of an advantage.

"Nobody ever said to me what their true reasons are but, reading into it, that’s got to be what it is because I’m not that important.’’

Nor will he be imported, it appears.

The climate was distinctly different 30 years ago, when the Stampeders were generous enough to lend Ralph The Dog to the Roughriders during the playoffs. In fact, Ralph was the only mascot at Taylor Field when Saskatchewan registered its most-recent home playoff victory – a 23-13 conquest of the Edmonton Eskimos in the 1976 Western final.

Gainer was born the following season, when the Roughriders began an 11-year playoff drought. (Hmmmm. Maybe it was his fault!)

The Riders are now preparing for their fifth consecutive trip to the playoffs. In recent years, Gainer has been welcomed by rival teams in the West.

"People can say what they want about the Edmonton Eskimos, but (before the 2004 West semifinal) they said, ‘Bring him. Pleasure to have him,’ ‘’ Ennis said. "It was the same with the B.C. Lions that year. In those days, Trent Fraser was the Riders’ marketing guy and he made a call and they said, ‘Absolutely. Love to have him here.’ ‘’

The Stampeders appear to be less receptive. Ennis has toyed with the notion of boarding the bus, regardless, but is likely to remain in Regina. Neither the Roughriders organization nor Ennis is making a big deal out of this.

"I’m extremely happy to go, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t,’’ said Ennis, who is a sales representative with Supreme Basics. "My football team will be fine. I think we’ll come out with a win. I’m confident of that.

"I plan to sit with Mrs. Gainer, if she’ll hold my hand, and we’ll watch it on our big-screen TV. It’s not a bad consolation prize.’’

Isn’t there a way around this? As a gopher, can’t Gainer burrow a hole underneath McMahon Stadium and emerge with unprecedented flourish?

"Maybe,’’ Ennis said with a chuckle. "It might be like Bugs Bunny when he pops up and says, ‘Oh, I should have taken that left at Albuquerque …’ ‘’

Hey, Eskylo, it's not a concern to me. In fact, the paper quoted Gainer as saying he was flattered that Calgary thought he could have made such an impact in the game.
I don't think the Riders care all that much, but it appears as though Calgary does.

Truth is we probably saved that rodent from a good beat down, we've got a dog named Ralph(not Klein) thats not a real big fan of other mascots.

Hell thinking about it...I'd love for you guys to bring Gomer to the game.

...send the roughrider cheer squad...all for for gainer 'round here critters = targets.... is a funny topic though, a little whack in what we are arguing....I doubt it's a question of what is polite or politically correct as we all assume it to be...the reason behind it is probably one of security...maybe the security people at McMahon don't need the extra work gainer might whip up....

...besides, this off-field spotlight is merely deflecting rider attention from their on-field problems :twisted: :twisted: ....

on-field problems?

well when we beat Calgary :cowboy: hopefully we wont run into this probia that there having in Calgary and dont have to deal with it in either BC or Winnipeg :roll:

You guys try to look like you care about your own mascott, but when you played in Montreal last November, you certainly did not bother buying the rodent an airplane ticket, did you? :wink:

....I hear ya BMG, I wouldn't want to run into a probia either....

the argos denyed the als cheerleaders for one reason:

so fans dont notice how terrible the argo cheerleaders are...ive commented on this b4.

the argos cheerleaders do nothing...they have one dance move ( if u can call shaking pom-poms off beat a dance? ).

when the ticats visit the argos on the LDC rematch, u can really notice how bad the argos cheerleaders are...and the ticats cheerleaders are nothing compared to the eskies cheer team.

so the argos were protecting the image of thier own cheer team by not allowing the als' girls to upstage them on thier own turf.

LOL, what's really sad when you're afraid of a gopher firing up opposing fans. Honestly, there should be at least 20,000 Stamps fans there. You should be able to be louder than the fewer Rider fans, or do you guys just go and sit on your hands?

Be afraid, be very afraid of the gopher. What a joke.