The Stala Penalty?

The two phantom PI calls on both teams in the fourth, esp. the one on Bo was horrible.

Simon practically took the flag out of the refs pocket for him.

Here you go.

[b]SECTION 4 – OBJECTIONABLE CONDUCT[/b] A player shall be penalized for any act of objectionable conduct, including [i]but not limited to[/i]: (a) verbal abuse or objectionable gesture directed at an opponent, official or spectator, (b) throwing the ball at an opponent, official or occupant of the team bench area, (c) interfering with the placement of the official’s flag marking the spot for a penalty, (d) baiting or taunting an opponent by act or word, (e) voluntarily removing his helmet after a play while on the field, except during a timeout, or throwing it to the ground, or using it in an intimidating manner against an opponent, official or spectator, (f) unnecessary physical contact with an official, (g) if a player is in possession of a foreign or extraneous object that is not part of the uniform or equipment, during a game, either on the field or on the Sideline, he will be subject to an Objectionable Conduct penalty. If the object is deemed a safety hazard by the Referee, the player will also be disqualified.
So, let's see. (a) possible, if kicking the ball can be called an objectionable gesture (b) no (c) no (d) no, as it was not directed at an opponent (e) no (f) no (g) no The only conduct listed that might apply to what Stala did was (a), but no more than thowing the ball into the stands. The italicized part (my highlighting) does indicate that other conduct could be deemed by the official to be objectionable. So was it just because he did in in BC? Would he have received the penalty if he had thown the ball instead? I doubt it.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else gets a similar penalty this year. If not, I would hope the league waives the fine for this penalty.

The PI calls were horrendous. I still don't know how that call was made on Philips, I believe, in the end zone. I didn't much care for the roughing the passer call on Hickman either, especially when Keron Williams took a shot at Glenn timed almost identically to Hickman's hit on Lulay. That was a horribly reffed game.

still think its the right call

I think its a bad call because making contact with the ball with your foot isnt the basis of the penalty.
They called it objectionable conduct.
But how is throwing the ball into stands any less objectionable ?

Catfaninottawa you did see the phrase including BUT NOT LIMITED TO. Its forbidden, end of practice. Its a good call. Its warranted and it is based on precedent Zontar you have added nothing and I'm still done with you

I saw the phrase it makes it even more confusing and still doesnt explain how throwing a ball instead of kicking it is less objectionable. If its a ref's discretion then the ref used poor discretion as the penalty wasnt evenly applied. A bad call.

done with you. What part of that did you miss. Guess you go on the ignore list

Do what you feel is necessary but it doesnt change the fact it was a bad call.

If you're talking about the one against Thomas (Q4 13:51, listed against JJ on, Thomas gave Simon's arm a quick tug just as the ball was coming in. The official right next to them may not have been able to see it, but the one a bit further back had a better angle, and he was the one who threw the flag.

No idea why the flag was thrown on Banks, as the infraction was well before the ball arrived, and was off camera in all three angles shown.

But refs allow arm fighting as long as the defender doesnt pin the recs. arm. Simon was not prevented from catching that pass. The flag also came out very late. A cynic would suggest a popular star like Simon influenced the call.

Yes I did see it, as I stated in my post. So yes, it's up the the officials' discretion. Not sure what precedent you're referring to, as I don't remember any other TD celebration being penalized this year, and no other similar ones last year either.

I still think it was a bad call. But it's like I used to tell my son's baseball team when they complained that a pitch wasn't a strike. "Did the umpire call it a strike? Yes? Then it was a strike." Nothing you can do about it.

Arland Bruce game 2. Not a TD but the exact same act

What did Bruce do in game 2? He sure as heck didn't kick the ball. If you're talking about when Bruce punted the ball in frustration in Week 1, this is not the same. One was after a TD -- and Stala did the same celebration last year at Ivor Wynne; he punted it out of the stadium -- the other was not. Since Stala did it before (as I outlined) I guess the precedent was set that it wasn't a penalty. Lawyered.

The late flag along with it not being thrown by the nearest official might lead some to that conclusion. And maybe Simon embellished the effect of Thomas's tug on the arm, twisting noticably. But he did grab the arm and pull, so I don't have too much of a problem with the call.

From what I saw I tend to agree with CatsFaninOttawa. The call on Thomas was a little questionable, but there was contact when the ball was coming in to Simon, and you couldn't see the entire play on the one against BC. There is a possibility that the Hamilton receiver had his jersey tugged prior to the ball arriving, as on that play the flag came out earlier than the replay showed the action.

As the commentators said, it appeared that either of these calls were border line.

Pass interference is the most controversial and can be the most influential call made in a football game. We're not talking about a 10 yard penalty in many cases. I've often felt there should be some discretion about whether a penalty should be 10 or 15 yards or placed at the point of the infraction. I have heard in NCAA football pass interference is called differently. I think it is just a 10 yard penalty.

There certainly were a few questionable calls, but the worst called game, I'm afraid not.


OK game 1. Yes its the same thing. Last years standard has been replaced. Bottom line, its a penalty now, don't do it again

:roll: If you can't see how punting a dead ball after a TD and punting a live ball following a play where the clock would start to run is different, there is no point in continuing to argue with you. Guess it's back to ignore for you. Tried giving you a second chance and you continue to be unreasonably stubborn.

I'm not sure about the Stala penalty. The replay does not show where he kicked the ball to.

Part of me says he is not taunting the opposition, so kicking is really not much different then spiking it or throwing it into the crowd. Part of me feels that kicking a ball out of play could be a bit of a safety issue, depending on how and where it is kicked.

As far as them cracking down on celebrations goes, I believe I saw the Bombers all sliding on their stomachs (what was that?) after scoring a touchdown, and there was no penaly.

As is usually the case with this type of penalty, if the rules are clear and specific on what is and what is not acceptable everyone is better off.


agreed blog if you can't see the similarity there is no point in arguing with you. I'm not the stubborn one arguing the referees don't know the rules. Why you always take up an argument when I've said I won't continue with someone else is beyond me unless you are deliberately trying to cause a fight and get me banned. You never seem to jump in on your own Bottom line is still that its illegal so don't do it again. Done with you as well