The Stala Penalty?

Did anyone ever give an explanation as to why Stala was given the 15 yarder after his first TD?

Just curious if an explanation was ever given.

kicked the ball out of bounds. How could you miss that?

Did it twice last year no call. But refs allow ball to be thrown in stands. No warning, no consistency, no logic. No wonder Stala was mad.

Bruce got flagged for kicking the ball. The Stalla penalty seems consistent enough to me based on that. Standards change from year to year. Bruce's penalty showed the new standard

TD celebrations. which Stalas was, for all intents and purposes are exempt from penalties.

Whats considered taunting or unsportsmanlike after a play is considered just celebrating after a TD which Stalas kicks were up until last night. Obviously there was no warning no memo sent out or Stala wouldnt have done it. Failry typical CFL officiating - making up policy as they go along.

No TD celebrations are not exempt. There is a much tougher standard this season (thank heaven) Stalla is not the first to get flagged for celebrating this season. His move was selfish and he behaved appropriately the next time. Penalties work I guess. You can tell players until you are blue in the face but until you actually follow that up with penalties it means nothing to them. Same thing in every sport for any infraction

Who else has been called after a TD celebration this year ?
And if the standard has changed why isnt a pass thrown into the stands a penalty - again, no consistency

Look it up. I couldn't be bothered. You are the one with a burr up yours not me

No burr . It was a bad call and I'm pointing it out.

It was a terrific call.

No, it was a bad call.

Thats your view, not one I share. I'd like to see the end of trash talk and show offs. There is no place in the actual game for it. Shut up and act like you've scored before

That's fine. But my point was about consistency in officiating.

and as I pointed out its consistent. Kick the ball, get a penalty

Throw the ball, spike the ball, spin the ball - no penalty. Not consistent.

kick the ball, consistent. Done

Throw the ball, no penalty. Inconsistent.


and done.

It was a stupid call. Countless Lions players tossed the ball into the stands, but Stala kicking it -- which he did twice last year with no penalty -- gets a flag?

I hope Tom Higgins comes out this week and apologizes for the horrendous reffing in the Cats-Lions game. One of the worst rf