The Stadium Thread

No brainer for me. Keep the old girl

we all know your opinion let it go........................why start another thread?

Here is a link to an article titled "Games or no Games, Ivor Wynne is gone" by Andrew Dreschel in today's Hamilton Spectator. Mayor Eisenberger has stated that plans are being developed to replace Ivor Wynne Stadium with a new stadium in a different location (i.e. the West Harbourfront or another location) even if the 2015 Pan Am Games are awarded elsewhere. The article notes that, in addition to municipal, provincial and federal funding, approximately $50 Million from private sources will be necessary to build a 30,000 seat stadium.

time to get rid of it. If you can't attract 19,000 fans in the biggest market in Canada there is a problem that goes beyond the team. Ideally the best location would be the Burlington waterfront - easy to get to from the rest of the GTA, Hamilton and Niagara.

New stadium overdue. If you can't draw 19,000 in the biggest market in Canada there is something wrong.
Should be located in the Burlington waterfront area, accesible to the rest of the GTA, Hamilton and Niagara.

Scott Mitchell was on the Scott Thompson show on Wednesday and he said that there is a big announcement next Friday. It has to do with the new stadium.

The city bought the old Rheem plant and property last week so I guess you can start driving by it and find a place to park!


Burlington waterfront? On what site?


It is Hamilton's team.

Why, because having it near Copps/ Hamilton Waterfront and being 4.5 minutes from the QEW is too far?
Too many intelligent reasons to have this in the heart of the city -- which worries me.

I'll second that... 'NO!"

Ya next Friday is when the winner of the Pan Am Games is announced. So if we win, then that essentially means we get money for the stadium.
I personally do think we need a bigger stadium than the 15,000 seat one their proposing for the games.

The Ticats need 25,000+ this Saturday! No excuse! Saturday afternoon in October, nice weather, no holiday, cottages should be closed by now, and a home playoff spot on the line!

Go Tiger-Cats!

I will try to make this as short as possible without sounding mean or dismissive. The era of urban planning to accommodate automobile traffic are over. I feel the city of Hamilton has the right idea by using a new stadium to drive redevelopment and the revitalization of the downtown core. And to be honest, I think most large cities and their planning departments would agree with this type of plan.

Just my two cents.

  • paul

Worries me as well. Here's a chance to clean-up the water front and build an attraction. This seems like a no brainer to me!
I think new stadium needs to have parking on location that holds up to like 1,500 cars if possible for more revenue along with the great accessibility to the stadium via public transit.
I also think we should try to replicate Ivor Wynne and just add a track to it along with a modern look. I know this will move us farther away from the field and lose the best sight lines in the league if not all of professional sports.
This city deserves this!

That didn't take long.

A basic problem in Hamilton is "NYMBYISM", witnessed by today's Spec letter-to-the-editor, already whining about the PanAm stadium being placed in the north end (and previously nixed at Confederation Park by Councilor Collins).

Whether it's planetarium, a bio-fuel plant (on brown field land!), a meat processing plant in the country, development around the airport, a new expressway or placement of a much needed stadium, Hamilton will always produce and experience the negative, NIMBY opposition.

Is it any wonder nothing seems to get done (in a timely manner, if at all) in this City? People have good ideas, plans and intentions but must face constant opposition, no matter what the end goal.

I don't think it's just Hamilton that has to deal with rampant NIMBYISM, but they do seem to do it better than other city's inhabitants. My favourite thing is constant complaining about energy and fuel costs and then the municipal and provincial governments decide to put in wind turbines in a suitable area and the first thing you hear is, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you aren't putting those things near my house. It ruins my view and might disrupt the habits of migratory birds!"

I guess you can't please everyone. Or anyone for that matter.

Go 'Cats!

  • paul

Keeping it downtown Hamilton is a death sentence. Much like the location of the current stadium the new downtown stadium would have the same Hamilton rep that follows it. People from out of town do not like downtown hamilton and do not like barton st. Fixing this current stadium up is a huge waste of money to get the same 19,000 fans. The thing is past its time its in a crappy part of town, little to no parking close by, and many other issues. Fans from out of town will not attend and we will have the same 19,000 fans at a downtown location. The rep of this city stinks and until its image is cleaned up and fixed (which will take years.) This team will not sell in either location.

Paullywood is 100% right,

But theres a catch, it all depends on if we look at this from a TiCat point of view or a city planing point of view.

We build a downtown stadium, and the process begins to reuvenate the surrounding area, the rail and bus access, road construction as well as other amentities that will make this a people place throughout the year. (All with a heavy price tag)The time involved to transform this old part of town into this may be 10 to 20 years.

I am not sure where this leaves the TiCats, are they a strong enough franchise to have down town renewal depend on their survival or is having them as a tenant going to spur this development?

The novelty factor will only last a year or two if lucky, development will take 20.

I see another IWS situation, a stadium people do not want to go to.

Thats my 2 cents. So I am torn. I see the TiCats future and sucess in an easy access highway stadium, yet I certainly see the need to redevelop our down town.

Its the HAMILTON TigerCats :roll:

As much as I hate to agree, this is what my heart feels as well. There is not enough of us to maintain this team either at IWS or down town. New fans a new location and highway exits, that read, TIGER CAT STADIUM next 3 exits is the only way the fan base will be expanded. Sorry to be a downer on this but .... damn that reality.

PS it would be awesome to let the country see the rest of Hamilton for a change.