The forum (bad stuff)

The NFL forum at is full of CFL bashers (the kind I hate).:thdn: Worse yet is the fact that they are Canadian.:thdn:

I have been banned 4 times from the forum for telling them not to buy into the hype of the NFL and that the CFL is better.:wink:

I have made a 5th account, and am trying a more subtle approach. Anyone care to join me in my crusade? :slight_smile:

My username is ArgosLions. :thup:

I'm sure we would all love to enlighten as many people as we can regarding the truth about the CFL. But..As many of us have seen on this site. It is strictly closed minded people who have already fallen into the blackhole of hype that continue to blindly put the nfl on a pedestal. These people unfortunately are never going to change.

That's why I have resorted to a more subtle approach.

E.g. Asking them why Ricky Williams was arguable the best RB in the NFL but why they thought he couldn't do anything in the CFL.

Thanks for the Forewarning.. I'll let the Mods know of your "approach"

Aaahhh hhhaaaa!!!! A spy perhaps?? :cowboy:

Apparently. Frankly I don't give a **** what people who love NFL best think, just like I don't go out and try to convince people at the horse track to come watch football instead. People are individuals. They like what they like, and they're not going to be persuaded by some four times over banned guy, or any of his cronies. Leave them be.. they don't come here and bother us.

We don't want NFL lovers coming here and trying to convince us the NFL is better.
Why should we go there and do the same?


They can't ban me again since I'm not doing anything 'wrong'.

Ironic that someone called 'cflisthebest' would criticize me for what I'm doing.

Why do you even care what league someone else prefers? Why not just be satisfied with being a fan of the sport of football and join the discussions!?


Just as no one has any business knocking the CFL in a CFL forum, neither do you have any business knocking the NFL in an NFL forum. The forum is set up for those who appreciate NFL to discuss. It is their right to prefer NFL. While I personally think that anyone living in Canada who prefers NFL to CFL should get the heck out of Canada, it is pointless to take such thoughts to an NFL forum just to cause trouble

leave Canada based on a preference of football league? I certainly hope that every product in your household is Canadian made, cuz if there are American made products while Canadian made competitors are available for the same product .. you'll have to leave as well, or be considered a hypocrite.

sounds kind of stupid now doesn't it?


Even though I prefer CFL to NFL, I do watch both leagues. I usually do pigskin picks at, which is one of the reasons I follow the NFL. There might be some surprises in the NFL this year, which should make for some interesting football. My fav NFL team is going nowhere this year again however(Packers). If you want to be an Argos Bills type in the NFL forum, that is your choice, but why be that type of a poster in the NFL forum?? AB ,IMO, is a moron, but then he has right to his opinion , and we have the right to challenge that opinion.

I really dislike Canadians who prefer NFL over CFL.

The NFL is 100% American. Wouldn't be surprised if they started using a red, white, and blue football someday.

I also REALLY dislike Canadians who prefer American-brewed beer over Canadian beer. They're the worst.

If you live for the NFL and love your Budweiser, Miller, or Coors beer- get out of Canada now. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you live in Canada and you Love American women better, then...... :slight_smile:

They like the NFL better, who cares, get over it. It's like going on a treckies message board and whinning about Star Wars and how it is so much better.

Agreed it is like them coming here and yapping about the NFL is better. Who cares? If they feel it is better so be it. By arguing this point do you think you will change them. I doubt it. :lol:

There are many people who come here and bash the CFL...


So do we listen or read his statments without laughing. Besides he is entitled to his twisted opinions. :lol:

Speaking about that, are there any updates to the Grand Plan of abducting Hazel Mae from Boston and bringing her back to this side of the 49th, where she belongs? :lol:

Exactly, does he make you want to watch the NFL more? Or less? By doing the same thing he does to us to them, you're just giving them more of a reason to have a problem with the CFL. The same as idiots like playmaker88 make me want to ignore the NFL completely.