The Sport of Marriage

I love this sport. My wife and I have been playing for 34.5 yrs and counting. I think we are winning.

One of many reasons for our success is that we share some sport fandom.

We both like CFL, NFL, International Soccer, and NHL playoffs, in that order.

I am so lucky.

If you are not playing this sport, I highly recommend that you do. All it takes is the right chemistry

of course, nothing is wife has the bad habit of often cheering for the wrong teams. :slight_smile:

Good for you, buddy. :slight_smile:

For sure, great stuff FYB. I think a great marriage is similar to a cosmic merger, awe inspiring and as you say, great chemistry. Creation of something greater than the sum of it's parts.

...good analogy Earl...33 years this May for us...

Over 40 for me.....If I had to fight every clown that made a pass at my wife over the years, in spite of knowing she was married, I would be a Golden Gloves champ by now. The guys who hit on her and didn't know she was married, well I can't really blame them, she's a very attractive woman. What can I say ?

Marriage...The most dangerous bloodsport of them all

Meh, I look forward to the annual GM meetings more than I do the regular season. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably just lack of stamina. I hear they have pills for this nowadays. I'm not sure. :wink:

It's possible one could read a whole lot into that statement PTBO. But I will choose to decline from trying to decipher any possible meanings. :wink:

I thought players could get suspended for taking those performance-enhancing pills.

On the other hand, a 4-game suspension could be fun. :smiley:

Martok has good thoughts about the subject

When you divorce is that the playoffs or is the team defunct ?

Or is it winning the Cup? Or becoming an UFA after a breakout season?

when, not if?

divorce means you lost.

I dunno know a lot of people that should be divorced . They have been losing time that could be spent healthy , sane and happy whether with someone else or alone .

well, that's another topic for which we no longer have a forum. sigh

Your a very lucky man to have a wife that shares your interest in sports FYB .

I have to have two tv’s so I can watch the CFL , NFL , NHL and Olympics .

When we began dating, my wife had zero interest and little knowledge in watching sports. Now she follows football and baseball more closely than I do for the most part. Hockey too, once playoffs begin. All it took was a sunny afternoon sold out game in old Mosaic Stadium, a raucous crowd, and she was hooked for life.

Now it’s something we always enjoy together along with our adult kids. It’s great. We have a few different couples/friends who cheer for opposing teams and it works great for them too. The insults are fantastic and nothing you would hear at the dinner table in normal conditions but at a game - yikes.

I wouldn't trade my marriage for anything. She is a wonderful lady who has put up with me for 25 years. We even work together at the same place so we are constantly around each other. She is a sports fan, though not as obsessive about certain interests as I am. The sporting events we have attended include games involving the Eagles, Ravens, Argonauts, Baltimore Stallions, Nationals, Orioles, DC United, Washington Mystics, Hershey Bears, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, indoor soccer, arena football, Penn State, and Harrisburg Senators. We've done the Olympics in Atlanta, the Pan Am Games in Toronto, World Cup 1994, and Women's World Cups in 1999 and 2003. Outside of sports, we've done Disney World a couple of times, a few cruises to the Caribbean, and a vacation to Nashville that I was dreading, but I wound up falling in love with the city. She also decided that she wanted to go back to school after 30 years to get a college degree and I gave her my full support. She did very well and the graduation ceremony last month ranked up there with our wedding day as the greatest day in our life together.

simply wonderfull