The spitting argo ..who was he?

Hi What was the name of the argo that was doing the spitting in toronto? I think that all of the Ti cat fans on Labour Day should give him a special cheer whenever he is on the field or being announced.Pretty classless act.

Lin-J Shell

Well, I thought it was Fred Eisenburglar. :smiley:

Not that I condone it at all, but I would imagine he'll be the recipient of more than a couple of loogies when the Argos hit the field.

Oh, i would imagine that Shell and a few others will be hearing it all day long from the Ivor Wynne faithful. I sit around the top of Section 5 so i get to look down and see it happening as the game progresses. :smiley:

I am hopeful that the Hamilton “loogins” don’t start with that classless act.

Instead of succumbing to that level I would rather see the ticat's blowout the argo's by 30+ points. :thup:

hi.... I was thinking more along the lines of boos and jeers.....not loogies


Not that we needed another excuse to heckle the Argo's into crying in the corner though :wink:

Exactly. It's obvious he doesn't like to lose, so beating them would be the best punishment.

Shell denies spitting and I'd like to believe him. However, the two other people there say he did. We don't know what was said to him to provoke such a response. It would be best if we treat him the same as we do every other blue team player and spend our energies cheering on a TiCats Labour Day victory.

Oskie Wee Wee!

I am inclined (and I can't believe I am about to type this) to believe the Ref on that one. I can't see any reason why the ref would call him for spitting if he didn't do it. He could have called him for unsporsmanlike conduct without saying he spit. I can understand losing your temper, but spitting is disgusting and disrespectful. I think he should have been fined for that, but I wouldn't be bothered booing him or giving him any other attention because it just makes him feel important.

Maybe Shell is just a really slobbery talker, and one got away.

Ewww thanks for that visual.

Ill be honest, I don't think he did it...

he's an Argo, of course he did it :lol:
Jerkish behavior is the norm over there (i.e. Bruce in his T.O. days, Rob Murphy, Adriano Belli, etc.)

Well im happy they called him for it lol

I'm no big fans of refs, but he was standing right there. Why would he call it if Shell didn't do it?

If you look at the replay he wasn't actually that close at first.
Also players say all the time that when they take there mouth guards out it can easily look like you had just spit.

That ref crew saw all kinds of things that didn't happen that night and missed things that did.

Labour Day is emotional enough on its own. We don't need spitting controversies to fire up the natives. Let's forget about this incident and concentrate on making noise when their poor excuse for an offence is on the field.